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My Stepdaughter is so hot!
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I have been having sex with my 16 year old stepdaughter right under her mom's nose. When her mom leaves to go to work she crawls into bed with me and we have sex until I have to get up for work. Having sex with her mom at night and her in the morning is heaven. They are both insatiable women, both really built for sex.

They are so different in bed I am not sure how they are related. Her mom likes to be on top and cums 4 times a night. Brit likes me on top and she likes it rough. Hair pulling and scratching and clawing and screaming like a mad b**ch. She only come once or twice but when she does the house shakes.

Her mom saw scratch marks on my back and asked me where they came from. I told her I was boinking Brit in the morning and she laughed so hard she peed, then forgot all about it. She never believed me.

So I told her the truth, no? The three of us make dinner at night and each grab my nuts when the other is not looking. Brit pulls me into the closet to suck my c*ck while her mom is on the phone. I have sex with her mom in my truck in the garage so Brit does not see.

OK I am not an idiot (or am I?). I know this one day will collapse and I will lose them both. Not to mention my nads will be sliced, diced and french-fried and my d*** will be pureed. What can I do? I am just enjoying the ride.
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You sir, are a complete and utter MORON.
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Do you really love and care about either of them?
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You are SICK!!!! YOU NEED HELP!!!! People like you deserve to be in jail!!!! U r soooo sick I dont have words for people like you!!! You disgusting dog!!!
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You are a disgusting excuse for a human being and EXACTLY whats wrong with this world today. Don't you have an f-ing conscience? We should put everyone like you on a deserted island where you can live out your pathetic life cold and alone.
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This is probably fake, if it isnt you need some help buddy..
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Obviously fake and if by any chance this is true, then seriously man as UnderDogg said, seek help...
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EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! As a stepdaughter, I could never imagine this. This is sick and twisted!
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dude this is SO not normal.. but MAN do you have it made right now. You WILL seriously get into a shitload of trouble when mom finds out.. she'll have your ass locked up and make sure everyone knows your face in the end
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WOW. Lotsa men would dream of this, but you are doing it. The rest of us don't get past the thought stage. Not normal, though... what morals?
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This is probably a fake story, but if it isn't...
You are committing statutory rape each time you have sex with your stepdaughter. She is a minor. Her mother will eventually find out, since this always comes out into the open whether now or twenty years from now, when the girl is angry at you for screwing up her head and reports you.
You are looking at several years in prison in the future buddy.
Besides that, whether you want to believe it or not, just because your stepdaughter is physically feeling pleasure, doesn't mean she won't be psychologically damaged in years to come. Statistically, almost all victims of sexual abuse as a child , develope life long issues later on. Yes, she is still a child and a minor. Her body may be developed, but mentally she is not yet fully developed , therefore does not have all the faculties required for good decision making.
Think of her life as a human being and not just your sex life for a change.
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No it's not normal but not a bad thing either
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You are very lucky! Infact your wife and step daughter are very lucky too !! I think and wish you have got a cool & nice wife as she doesn't make problems for it. I wish you can easily get a 'ok' from your wife. So I would suggest either you or your step daughter take some steps to cherish your wife and get a 'go ahead' instead of being caught. I wish she would agree. Let the family be united for ever !! All the best !!
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