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My stomach keeps making really wierd noises
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I really can't explain the noises my stomach makes for no apparent reason. it sounds like my stomach is farting internally or sometimes it makes the noise that water makes as it runs down a drain pipe. another classic is when it sounds like you just let go of a balloon before placing a knot in it!! can be really embarassing...i have no allergies so i'm thinking it may be trapped air. can trapped air cause stomach noises like this and is this normal???
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if this happens after you've eaten, try not drinking fluid while you eat you may be swallowing air with the drink. If you notice it after eating a certain type of food, perhaps avoid that food or eat it differently (like eating fruit before a meal, or after...or salad before your main course vs. after)
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Yes this happened to me once after not eating anything all day and grabbing a bite right before seeing a play with some girl I like. Ho man that was not a fun night, seeing as the entire theatre was SILENT for as long as 5 minutes at a time and the play was 4 HOURS LONG WITH NO INTERMISSION.
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I have that too. I am on a pill now, something to do with digestive problems. It's not normal.
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take note of what food you eat when your stomach feels like this... if you get if after you eat milk or cheese you might be lactose intolerant... google it!!
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i've had this problem for a few months now, and yes it's very embarrassing. thing is i ate alot at the time it started, i assumed it was lactose intolerance, so i began drinking lactose free milk and it got better. my stomach usually makes noises for a few hours after drinking coffee. start using lactose free milk and cutting out cheese, you might find a difference. i don't eat a great deal at the moment either which probably don't help, but it never used to be a problem before only in the last few months.
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But that happens to me too!! And I eat a good helping at every meal time and snacks too!!
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You just answered you're own question at the end of you're story trapped air will do that if you don't eat anything for awhile.
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Have you considered eating something from time to time?
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Don't worry too much about your stomach making noises, everyone's stomach makes noises. If you stomach didn't make noises it would be a bad sign. You are not strange.

These stomach noises are a result of gas and air in your intestines getting squashed by moving food. The air is there because we swallow lots of it through-out the day. When we are breathing and eating are two common times for this to happen. The gas is there as a result of the bacteria in the small intestines breaking down food. Whenever the bacteria are required to break down food, gas is given off.

When the gas and air is squashed it makes noises as it tries to move out of the way of the food.

Not everyone's stomach makes the same amount of noise though. Some people's stomach noise is so quiet that maybe you didn't know that they had some until now. Believe me that they do have it, and don't worry if you have more stomach noise than they do. I have the solution.

The reason that you have more stomach noise than most other people is that you have more gas and air in your intestines that most people. If there is more gas in there to be squashed by the moving food then then your stomach will be making more noise. It is quiet simple, the more gas the more noise.

One way to get rid of the stomach noise then is obviously to get rid of the extra gas that you have in your stomach. This can be the difficult part however. You need to find out what is making the extra gas and then you need to find out if you can remove it.

Gareth Pearse is a health enthusiast, for more information on why your stomach makes noises, please visit his site at []
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What is this just like air popin up in my mid abdomen and sometimes hardening of my mid abdomen.. and liquid backing up on my throat..but iwanted to know what is the cramping on my mid abdomen.. plss help
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maybe you're just hungry
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your stomach is trying to digest itself start eating more if they dont go away see a doctor not normal
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