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My teacher raped me
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I'm a 13 year old girl and today after science class my 40 old teacher asked me to talk to him after everyone gets out then he locked the door and started kissing me I told him to stop but he wouldn't next thing I know his d*ck is out of his pants and he undressed me then shoved his huge c*ck up my ass it was hurt like hell he hadn't stopped until he shot his sperm into my tight ass but apparently that wasn't enough since he also f*cked my tight pussy came in it and then made me suck him and he came again in my mouth I was sure that after 3 time he would stop but he was so horny that he f*cked my boobs eventually cuming all over my boobs and on my head he then returned his penis to his pants and cleaned all his sperm out of my body while I was crying he then told me to dress and threaten he'd kill me if I told anyone then he left what should I do is it normal
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Someone that was raped would not refer to it as their 'tight ass' and 'tight pussy'.
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grow up!!!!
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what a lie
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Yeah now go to room B35...........
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if it is true tell your parents and get them to tell the police
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Reason I hate dishonest teachers, I would rather mess them up during class time.
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