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My tongue is fat
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Everytime I try sticking my tongue out for a nice pose, becase my lips are so big, it make my tongue short and wide. I look so ugly and when other people do it, their lips are so nice and small and their tongue poke out nicely. This wasn't always a problem. I've just realized it recently. I don't know if it's my tongue/lips doing this. Please help
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Comments (6)
Your first problem is thinking this is a nice pose. You look stupid regardless of the size of your tongue.
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This is the kind of stupid statement,a stupid Australian would make!
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I'm not Australian so that's where you flopped
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Everything has a silver lining if one cares to look for it. The fact that you have big lips is by no means a negative. The upside, the positive is, I am thinking that you have the most perfect, beautiful full lips to wrap around a cock and stroke it.
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I'd forget about your tongue and lips and learn how to talk
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Don't take selfies.
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