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My Twin Brother
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My identical twin brother has been dating this girl for about a year now, and they are going to be married soon. I'm happy for them, but he's asked me to do something I'm not too sure about.

Back in high school my brother had an accident on a jetski. To make a long story short, he hurt his groin area pretty bad and can no longer produce healthy sperm. His fiancee is really pushing him to have a baby, so they came up with the idea of using my sperm. If you know anything about identical twins, our DNA is also identical, so it would be just like him fathering the child.

I don't mind "donating", because I love my brother very much. But for some reason I feel that every time I would see his child, I would see him or her as my child and not my nephew or niece.

It would be normal to feel this way. right?
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Comments (19)
They aren't even married yet, so for heavens sake don't donate any sperm yet!!!

If you feel strongly about not donating then don't, don't let them pressure you into doing it.

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totally normal. you have to be sure that you want to do this... it will effect your for the rest of your life.
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you are thinking as anyone else might do. i would wonder if i would see my daughter/son or my niece(nefew...
the first comment is right, wait till they are really married!! then there might be other chances, they are thinking about invitro insemination, he can get his semen and selectt he sperm, after all they only need one!! actually a few hundreds from where to choose, but he can masturbate as much as possible to get the needed sperm.
ask a dr about it...
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I agree with galeni. You should really talk to a therapist about it before you donate the sperm, and wait until they are really married before you worry about it any further.
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So this accident on the jetski...when they arrived to take him to the hospital were you seen as the "Twin with good testicles" later on in life?
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dont pressure urself in2 doin it. have a big think first! and dont do it yet as thye ent even married yet!!!
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it would obviously work, but if it's not what you want then don't do it.
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id do my brothers wife... and even if he asked me too i wouldnt think twice
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Wow, this is a really interesting one, didn't think it was possible on this site...

From an objective point of view, there's nothing wrong with it, if he was still producing the goods then theoretically you could both produce the same sperm, you'd just be donating genetic material. What it really boils down to is whether you could see it as that, so don't bone his wife whatever you do. If I had a twin I reckon I could do it...
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I think you will find there is probably a way to get sperm from your brother no matter what his problem is. Tell them to exhaust all other avenues first befor even asking you
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you should fuck her then pull out and shoot her in the eyes. then run away.
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Learn from the vikings. Burn his hamlet, tie his innards around your legendary ice spear, enslave his children and share the wife with your loyal crew.

Beware Jormungand, friend!
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Are you married?
Or dating?
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Only donate it by fucking her. Hard. Otherwise refuse.
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This chick wants to have both of you on the hook for child support. If she loves him she won't need to have a kid with him, they can adopt. This request is a recipe for disaster, don't do it. I am a twin, I know.
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Quote "If you know anything about identical twins, our DNA is also identical, so it would be just like him fathering the child."

That's not quite true. Unless you share a community sperm pool that you both draw from (which by the way is a sweet deal, i've got one set up in my neighboorhood.) then the child wouldn't be his. It would only look like him. Which is kinda like what me and Danny devito have going on.

Here's the important question, do you get to have sex with his wife, or do you have to have sex with a cup?
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The real question is how will you go about 'donating' it?

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