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My vision gets blurry at night. What is it?
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I have noticed recently (past 6 months or so) that my vision gets blurry and irritated (with floaters) at night. I have been wearing corrective eyeglasses for near-sightedness for 12 years now and like most people, my vision has slowly deteriorated throughout the years.

I am still able to read things that are close enough and my optometrist, whom I have not yet talked to about this night blurriness, said my eyes are healthy.

Why does my vision get blurrier at night? Is it normal?
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Sometimes at night i get double vision when looking at a small light such as a digital clock or a led.

I think it is just because of the contrast between the dark and the light. in dark conditions colour can blur into it surrounding. and also your eyes strain to see stuff so it may appear blurry.
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Your pupils become larger at night, which means any blurring you normally see in daylight will get more extreme. The fact that it's actually very noticeable to you does make it sound like astigmatism.
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Probably because you take your glasses off when you get into bed.
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Mine does too, and my eyes water a lot at night. I think they just get tired throughout the day.
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not normal, but certainly not rare, its a condition called astigmatism, wear tinted lens glasses, and that should help, but it wont cure it, laser is pretty much the best way to cure it if it annoys you.
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p.s your eyes will seem normal unless you speak of this to an optician, because it is not a defect in the eye that is visible
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It actually is visible in many cases. I went to a new eye doctor and she spotted it right away. It's caused by the cornea being irregularly shaped.
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