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My wife likes to piss
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My wife likes to piss in my mouth she says its normal but i dout her his she right
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Comments (8)
Let me meet your wife, I would let her do it in my mouth.
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it is perfectly normal for men and women to piss in each others mouth and swallow it. this is one of the most intimate things you and your partner can share. it's just as intimate as eating your partner's ass, don't feel abnormal. i have been drinking my wife's piss for years and she drinks mine. we really enjoy this, in fact we do this in the woods when we go camping and love it.
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I love to drink my wifes piss, I lay in the bath tub and she gives me a golden shower, I drink her piss at the same time, grrrrrrrrrreat
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Haha its not so much normal, but it is a common fetish so i wouldn't worry about that too much. Thing is if you don't like it but you let her do it anyway you need to put your foot down! if you do enjoy it then why question it?
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unless she has an infection of the uinary tract her urine is sterile and quite safe to drink.youd have to drink quite a bit of urine and nothing else for several days to get sick.drinking urine occasinally during sex play is totally safe.
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It's called a fetish and unless your wife has an infection (Urinary Tract Infection) or an STD (figure it out) then it is safe. Urine is sterile and safe providing the person is healthy.

Golden showers and piss drinking (or mouth pissing and spitting, more often for me) is GREAT!!!!!

Give it a try, you might like it. Then ask her to return the favor.

My (ex)boyfriend's favorite urinal.

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The first commenter doesn't know what he's talking about. Urine is free of germs and won't hurt you to swallow a little from time to time. But make sure that you and your wife also both drink lots and lots of pure water.

It isn't normal but its harmless, and its a fetish I share.
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Okay that is messed up... you do realize it's piss you are talking about right? Whats next your wife is gonna drop duce while shes pissing on you? That calls for a beating in my house. My wife so much as farts in the bed and im giving her a smack.
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