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My wife panties always wet and moist
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Years ago, I realize that my wife 34 years old start changing her panties twice per day. So I start asking myself lot of questions and want to know the reason, she change them before and after work.Every day I check the laundry basket and smell my wife panties, I realize that her panties are always humid, wet, and moist, I don’t know if this is releated to her pee or her juicy, or her cum or other man cum. One day I asked her but refuse to answer, so I thought that maybe it’s related to another man cum..So I decide to check her pussy. on day while change her panties I try to introduce a finger in her pussy to find if it was full of cum…but I’m not sure till now it was very soggy and tasty.. This makes me always hard and I like to masturbate…can anyone explain to me why she is changing her panties and why they are wet.
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How have you got a 34 year old wife when you are clearly just eleven years of age yourself?
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I change my panties a couple times a day too. I just like to stay edibly clean - I'm always ready to be licked or fucked.
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You have a wonderful attitude.
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I need to fuck you
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maybe she just sweats and she wants to change it or maybe discharge it could be
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Either ur lying or ur wife wants to fuck so fuck her
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sorry if i didn't well clarify...we have been married since 11 years
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If your wifes pussy smells good, it's probably just her your smelling. It's my experiance that dead semen start to smell like dead fish real soon. enjoy!
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don't assume she's cheating solely based on that. she's probably getting hot is all.
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