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My wife spanks me
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I love getting spanked by my wife. We have a room downstairs thats set up for spanking. Now its a normal bedroom but with impliments in the dresser drawer. Such as a thick solid oak paddle that I made by hand for her, a thick wide heavy leather belt, leather paddle, small whip and one of those plastic cutting boards shaped into a paddle with holes of course.<br />
I love it when she sends me to the room to prepare, meaning take out the impliments, lay them on the dresser, bare my ass and wait laying face down on the bed. She will sit up stairs for a while, maybe have a drink or two to loosen up, then I here her comming down the stairs. Now she's ready to give a spanking. My ass tightens up with antisapation. My stomach churns with nervousnes. When I hear her grab ahold of that door handle I know it's time to get spanked. I have been bad, or maybe not but non the less I am going to get it. To be honest, I like it when she has a few drinks, why? The whipng is a real whipping, and I like real spankings from her, like you used to get when you were young but much longer and harder.<br />
We have been doing this for 20 years now and I still love it as much today as I did then. Its Saturday afternoon, she's downstairs sleeping, and I know that it will happen today.<br />
She cant beleive how hard I take the paddlings. When I was in my garage making this paddle to perfection for my bride to use on my bare ass, I remember sweating because it was so hot. When finished with the rough draft if you will I came in and tried it out on myself, sweaty ass and all.<br />
Bottom line, I feel every man should have a wife that spanks him on a regualr basis. Keeps us in line. Keeps a constant reminder while at work when your ass gives you a sharp twinge of a reminder of what happened and what is going to happen again the comming up weekend. Every weekend I get a good long, multi sessioned spankings and love every welt, and bruise from them that she gives me. Women rule! <br />
<br />
Just a normal guy!
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Comments (13)
ur into S&M its not tht strange. Im not into tht but hey im not the one sleeping with you so have fun!! lol.
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You are a very lucky man to have a wife who spanks you like that! I have had several in my life who spanked me (some quite severely) with paddles, straps, switches, canes, and whips. Some women wanted me to spank them too (those were the best!) It isn't about dom/sub with me, it is just the excitement of the spanking and the sex that follows is truly intense! You are not an idiot... those who criticize and judge you without understanding are the idiots, and they lack the capacity to enjoy the sex that people like us can have... good, it serves them right, those ignorant fools!
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My wife soundly spanks me as well. We're not into bruising and marks lasting days, but she does consensually blister my bottom from time-to-time. When I'm totally naked she turns me across her knees and turns my bottom fire engine red with a light paddle. Lots of sting and fire, but no lasting bruises and marks.
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we do it very gentle to each other beforeas sex as it makes us more horny . i am going to ask her to do it a little harder to me next time as i need a little more of a sting with it
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I'd love to take your place and get my butt spanked by her!
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Stand up to your wife for god sake. You, and others like you, are exactly what is wrong with society. Next time you're lying down with you arse held high, stand up, turn around and shout in her face "I WILL NOT BE BE YOUR BITCH". Who knows, she may have some respect for you, and if she doesn't who cares, because at least your man-fanny will have grew in to a set of balls.
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@: Bob17
Well here it is Sunday and as I said, I got the spanking of my life last night. It is a real submission to her to lay there and take it with out restraint. My ass is so sore today I can barely sit down and every time I do I remember every swat from last night. She does not do this to me out of meaness, she does this because I ask her too. I have often wondered why I enjoy such severe spankings and came up with the conclusion that even though I have a dynamic personality and very out going, that deep down inside I have a major insecurity. That drives me to ask for these kinds of spankings. I failed to mention that after each spanking, we have great sex and I mean great. We went 4 or 5 rounds last night and started our day of with it as well. Its a major turn on of mine and she loves to play the role because she knows she will only beifit from it. Some may think I am strange, but admit it people we all have hidden sides. Some just choose to keep them hidden more than others. I Love my wife with all my heart soul and body and there is nothing I would not do for her. It is consensual! Who does it hurt? No one but my ass, and I really like it, makes me majorly horney, in turn she loves that. After all these years togather ti is good that we both are still best friends.

Just a guy
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sir is your wife a hippopotamus... if so... GET OUT OF THE HOUSE NOW
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Aye and what do you do during this sex? Tuck your dick between your legs while she sticks a strap on up your arse and calls you "Elizabeth"
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you should not sign as "just a normal guy" you are not!!
do you like sex at all?? cause if this is the thing for you, then sex is gotta be like senseless... is it?
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Dear sir:

You are not a normal guy.
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Its normal---It may be rare---for somethinhg really serious my wife paddles my naked butt and it hurts alot! I have it coming for sure--as I can drive her crazy with some of the stuff I do--- There is never any argument we both seem to know at the same time when a bare paddling has to settle things---Its just between the two of us--so no shaming or embarrassment--just a damn sore butt whe nshe is done
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i really enjoy my wife spanking me
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