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My wife wont give head!
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Ever since I got married a few months ago there's been noooooo head action at all. WTF! I just keep thinking, can I really go the rest of my life without a blow-job. surely this situation is not normal... Man's gotta have head right?!!!
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This is totally normal, my married friends have often spoke of this phenomenon,,They were always enjoyers of head. But as soon as the woman get the wedding band on,,All head stops,This is the normal way of the world, and also the reason I am not married.
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Only married a few months and no more head I garantee in a couple of years everything will stop especially after you have kids
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NO! Of course it's not normal. Whats next, you know men have sex not only for reproduction but for pleasure as well... Women tend not to give blow jobs or in fact any extra pleasure to guys they find too "safe". And no you don't tell her that someone can do her job because there will then be only someone else and not your wife to do it you need to learn how to show it.. I learned much about the topic because I've been there, and learned some from experience, and read something about it around internet. You can find some useful tips, google Jacks Blowjob Persuasion, try read about someone else trial and error just so you don't make the same errors.
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I think its time to "Ditch the B*tch". You can't go the rest of ur life without a blow-job ! Its just not normal.
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you shoukd have a wife like mine. Can't keep her off others cocks.he loves to lick another man's cock she seems to enjoy it, a lot
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talk to your wife about it, or try and introduce it gently. did she give u head before u got married?
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Yes, communication is the only good solution, unless of course you want to pay for your head.
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Communication IS the key to a healthy relationship, and if she was willing to blow before marriage then something has happened since then to make her uncomfortable with the idea. I DON"T believe that when women get married they automatically change their sexual habits in order to make their mates miserable. It is up to you to do a little detective work, find out what was done or said to cause this shift in your sex life.
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happend to my great grand father... things stopped little by little until he decided to have a usual bitch to visit. finally he died fucking her and my great grandma had to go through the embarrasment of accepting he had another woman cause she did not give him anything. now a days we can just divorce easily.
did she use to give you head before???
talking about sex could be a little odd but after starting the conversation things will just flow... i hope it flows your lala into her mouth..
best wishes....
i guy that loves and gets head constantly...
p.s. i am not married...
pps sorry for the cruel joke but is true
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maybe she feels like its degrading or something and that as ur wife she doesnt want to b treated like a slut or something. idk. But as a married couple i dont think its good to give eachother sexual favors. just dont b too demanding she might get insulted
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sorry, Imeant "as a married couple I think IT IS good to give sexual favors once in a while"
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Galeni lol. Is that the wisdom your great grandad shared with you? The way to get head and still stay married. FUNNY.
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if shes not giving you head, just tell her you can get someone else to do the job for her. I mean they have girls who do that for a living
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You must have it.
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I don't understand fems who won't give head.

I love it and so do my guys!


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Hey man yup it's normal. It's like they got the guy now ring on the finger home etc next it's a kid and no sex. After the kids had it's fill you get the sagging tots baggy pussy and once a week or so if you still fancy it or the kid don't start to cry. When the child grows up it he/ she may hear. Ever tried fucking in silence?

Sort it put before it's to late I've not had a full BJ in 20 years. Well not from my wife anyway!!!!!!!
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Females give blowjobs because they want to make the male happy. Females give blowjobs because they feel the male has done something to deserve it. Females give blowjobs because they want to please. If the female has lost respect for the male then she won't give head. Giving oral sex is a very selfless thing to do. It has to be given as a gift and you wouldn't want to give a gift to someone you don't respect or trust. Females have sex other than pleasure and procreation; they have sex for connecting to that person. If there is negative energy there, even in the females mind then she want innate oral. YOU MUST talk with her and talk about what's going on with your connection from the inside out. See a therapist there are free counselors. They sound stupid but they work. Talk it out...If you want her to go to work on you you're going to have to work, too! I know this because I was one of those women who stopped giving blowjobs to my husband. Now, I understand why I stopped. I stopped because I was angry with him but wasn't dealing with it. Now,I am still angry with him, lol. However, I talk about whatever and make sure to offer a blowjob. Sometimes I forget though,too. I'm working on that now, lol. There is hope. Obey Love and you will change it.
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Sorry to break it to you bro but, your girls was either sexually abused, probably in an oral nature, maybe as a child. Or, the other reason is a chemical one. Try getting her a prescription for Flibanserin (INN, USAN), sold under the trade name Addyi. This is not a Viagra, it is the chemistry missing in women with FSD : female sexual disorder. If you love your girl. If not, move on. No matter how much she loves you, she will never become sexually aroused without either psychological help, or medication.
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