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Naked in the Rain
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I am a pretty average young woman, and whenever I am in the countryside in the pouring rain, I have a strong urge to take off all my clothes and lie down in the grass.

I have done this on occasion (in very secluded areas, lol), and it just makes me feel so wildly happy. Not sure why. Is this normal? Has anyone experienced this or anything similar?
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because in all our past lives
we were pokemon, and pokemon don't wear clothes. applies to all pokemon except charmander
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I would also like to do that but i never got an oppertunity but yes i would do it! Freedom all the way.
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Lucky...getting to be naked in the rain. The only time I could my Mom said not to because I might catch cold. I've been out to the country, but it wasn't raining, so I just danced naked in front of a huge fire instead. The only witness was my husband. You should try it sometime. Being naked in nature is always awesome!
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I think it applies to every Pokemon except lucario.
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i am a male and enjoy being naked when i can its normal and a natural thing to be naked.When i use to live in a village we had a very secluded garden and in the summer when everyone was at work i would strip off and walk around outside in the nude i just loved the feeling of freedom and the grass beneath my bare feet and use to lay on the grass and feel at ease and happy.I have always wanted to get naked in the rain but up until now the opportunity hasn't arisen its on my short list of things to do before i die now I'm back in a town its hard to find anywhere so for now i just enjoy my nudity around the house
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i dont think that is normal
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I am a 40 year old male and can remember when being naked in the rain (and unseen) was one of my teenage fantasy moments. There is something very sensual and freeing about abandoning yourself to the elements in a natural state. I would try it more often now, except it is usually cold and the rain gets in my eyes. Now to try this with my wife... that would indeed be a fantasy, but she is too high-maintenance to experience that kind of free-spirited abandon and consider it fun. Consider yourself uninhibited and be proud!
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Haha, thanks :) good luck with that.
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Thats pretty hot. Want to go around naked in the rain together?
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i would love to go into the country and make love to you in the rain
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Being naked is fun and it makes you feel absolutely wonderful, don't feel like you're weird, love :). I walk around naked when my parents aren't home, I skinny dip, etc. It just makes you feel good.
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I'll bet you're fat!
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Wow. I love your use of the words 'wildly happy'. Only thing that would make that better for me is running, digging my toes into dry ground, getting down on all fours and...maybe climbing a tree lol.
I've never lived in an area though where I could explore those kinds of things.
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all i can think of is how cold that would be :S
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I absolutely love being naked in the rain!
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In between the greenery of the countryside ..in the pouring rain...without clothes ...no inhibitions..

It would feel amazing <3....
I have imagined this...But that was only a fantasy :)
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This morning i woke up and just went outside in my backyard, jumped in the pool...Naked. (of course no one saw me) Felt so good.

Also, about a couple months now i Experienced sex under rain. Again in my backyard where no one could see me. That was very unexpected ans sexy.

So yeah i'd say get naked if you want its wonderful ! (im not a nudist or anything)
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