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Never had a bf and...
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I'm 5'9". Sometimes, I think I'm too tall. I'm not really that pretty, I would say I'm average with my long plain dark brown hair and plain dark brown eyes. I'm really outgoing and loud person. I would have to say that I have a strong personality. Really, I think I act like one of the guys too much. I'm not really a tomboy not anymore at least. I have never had a boyfriend or a guy who was really interested in me. I'm not stupid. I'm actually really smart, but still... There are times I feel like I'm not good enough.

I always tell myself to wait and be patience and the right person for me will come, but... I don't know. I feel like I want a boyfriend or just someone to hook-up with. I feel like right now I wouldn't mind hooking up with a guy/girl as long as they are attractive. I'm starting to feel like I'm just desperate. IIN?
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Been there. Still there. It's normal. Just wait.
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all boys are idiots, well most of them anyway. i wouldent bother with them. (im a boy, i should know) =]
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yeah but once you meet somebody your emotions will flip you out. just so you know that.
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yes happens to me all the time but vice versa.

If you keep thinking about this then you are going desperate.

Try making friends online through Facebook or PenPay.
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@: xino00
I don't know how old you are, but it sounds like your in or around your teens, because that's when being social and having a boyfriend matters the most. I'm 21, and I got my first boyfriend (officially) a year ago. I'm ashamed that before him, I lost my virginity to a man I thought at the time I was falling for, but it turned out he just wanted my virginity and nothing else. The reason I did that...was because I was desperate for a boyfriend. Believe me, trying to find it won't help. Some people just stay desperate and searching, and become sluts....I don't have a lot of faith in people, but you sound like you can do well. It may be hard, but you have to be patient, or else become someone you prolly don't want to be.
If you're still in high school, it's even more stressful, you're just around the same people everyday. But once you get out in the real world, or maybe you are in the real world and it hasn't hit yet, I don't know...but at some point being around people isn't that important. It's about becoming somebody you want to be, and you'll start meeting people on the way. I'm prolly sounding like your mother...I know I'm sounding like mine, but that's my advice. I've definately been there.
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From the description above i think ur pretty hot....... lmao not at you but at me for writing this lmao.... i find woman who are smart a turn on..... long hair yes please..... and the strong personality is like goddess.... hence why i am single lmao not all woman are like that.... and beauty is in the eye of the beholder... but just wait someone will come along. i am sure.
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It's best to wait for the right person, most relationships just end in depression anyway, and If it makes you feel any better I have never had a girl friend, for several reasons.
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my gf rachel is just like you i LOVE rachel i always talk about her dont worry one day you find that 1 guy just like i found that one girl dont online date youll just get a stalker lol
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It's normal, im 18 and i just got my first boyfriend of my life. Waiting pays off :) because he is simply wonderful.
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I'm 25 yo and I never had a boyfriend.
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@: moni**
:) Hang in there.Goodluck :)
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