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Never had a birthday party...
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After so many years, I've been torn up inside.
I've never had a birthday with any friends from school.
I would have parties, but all my friends there didn't go to my school. But school was where I spent most of my life, so I did feel quite left out and strange when my friends would ask, "Are you having a party?" when it was my birthday. People would probably make fun of me because of it.

Is this normal? I'm a bit old, but my birthday is coming up in about two months. I don't think I'll be having a party this year either.
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I've never had a birthday party either. Personally, I don't see what the big deal is. Everyone had birthdays. There are thousands of other people that shar your birthday. It's nothing special. Just celebrating one more year that you lost. Like counting down your death clock. It's all rather depressing if you think about it. I avoid going to birthday parties as well.
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i hate my own birthday so what can i say
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I haven't really ever had a birthday party either. The two parties I did try to set up, all my friends couldn't make it, or my party got canceled.

Such is the way of life. Sometimes you just can't get all the things you want, but if you try sometimes, you will find, you get what you need. (Thank the Rolling Stones for that one)

Maybe you wanted a big birthday party, but all you had was other people from a different school come see you at your house for a couple hours. Count your blessings, at least you had some company. And that's much better than having nothing at all.
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just wait until you turn 21 get a limo, and go bar hoppin that's a great way to party!!!
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Why didnt you just invite your friends form school
I know someone whe went to a birthday party recently. They were allocated 2 slices of pizza each and one soft drink after that it was water. I would have picked up my gift and left
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Somebody has to pay for it so maybe his or her parents can't afford to pay for everybody's food and drinks so his or her friends are not invited.
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Or maybe his/her parents don't want his/her friends to attend the birthday party for one reason or another? If that's the case, then the question is why not?
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yeah just invite some friends and have fun! don't call it a party because party or not, every birthday should be celebrated
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do it do it do it do it!!
for real man.
do you wana be 95 and never have had a bday party?? or go suicdal bc its eating you up in side??
Comment Hidden (show) happy you're seeing your next birthday. You sound silly being upset over something so shallow. There's no reason to celebrate your day of birth. Celebrate your day of birth by living every day to the fullest not crying over BS like this.....grow up!
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It's normal to feel like that. Who makes the invitation for your birthday party? And are your friends not invited to attend? You're never too old to have a birthday party. Hugh Hefner had one at 82. Talk to the person who is making invitations and ask them to invite your friends over next time. It sounds like they would like to be there and it would make your birthday more enjoyable. Happy birthday!
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invite your friends to your party. It will be fun!
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just have them come over. go do something. me and my friends usually just go play music and record or go parkour downtown. its fun and cost effective.just get together with them and do something. youll enjoy yourself.
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first of all i think thats kinda sad that uve never had a party honestly but u should invite ur friends,guys and girls, and just have a big monster kick ass party
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