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No Clothes Allowed
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I don't wear clothes. I do in public, because I have to. I sleep naked, wake up & stay naked. If I gotta go out I dress, but the clothes come off as soon as I walk through the door. I'm naked right now. I used to go for naked walks in the woods a lot. I miss that but I no longer live near any I would feel comfortable about not getting caught. It's not a sexual thing at all, plus it saves on laundry.
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I live out in the country myself and Ilove the fact that I when I get from work or at the weekend get out and about with nout on great.
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Did I just write this! I do the same thing. I absolutely hate the restricted feeling of clothing and strip the minute I get home. I can't sleep well with clothing -- not even under wear, which I respectfully wear when at other's homes or hotels. I have woods on my property and walking naked through them is amazing!
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I get the same thing, I don't like the feeling of clothes at all. I wear underwear as I'm not alone, but when I am I never wear anything. It's a normal and good state to be in.
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i would worry about walking through the woods naked and alone. at least carry a big stick with you for protection.
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If you can't have clothes on to be confortable, then by God, be naked. I don't personally do it, but unless you go to Wal-Mart wearing nothing but a smile, it's "yo crib".
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Gotta sleep naked! I learned to start wearing something while making breakfast though. Cooking bacon and eggs naked sure ain't fun.
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If you want to be naked outdoors AND don't mind the company of other naked folks ... take a weekend holiday at a nudist colony.

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I'm pretty much the same way--if I don't absolutely have to be wearing something, you can be that I'm naked. When I do have to have something on I try to be as close to naked as I can, too. I often go without panties and hardly evey wear a bra--especially in the summer.

My company decided to let us all work from home for most of this past summer. We'd have to go in to the office for a half-day every week or two, but otherwise we could stay home. I went up to my cottage in the mountains--which is very secluded--and spent the summer there. The only time I had a stich of clothing on me was when I had to travel home for those meetings. I'd get up early those days, throw on a sundress (usualy with nothing underneath) and flip flops (its a very casual company) and make the drive into work. On the way back I'd buy my groceries and do any other errands I had to do. The rest of the summer I was naked. I think I wore a total of six dresses and a couple pairs of shorts with bikini tops the who summer--nothing else.
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same i hate wearing clothes
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There's nothing wrong with being naked. In fact, the minute I get in the front door the clothes come off and stay off. The feeling of being unobstructed by clothing is something one must experience. I'm more comfortable naked anyway. And, if I don't need to put on clothing why bother. It saves me money by doing less laundry to boot. If by some chance a person comes by for a visit, I'll quick slip on lounge pants and a tank so as to avoid any potential embarrassment. Other than that, I say go for it.
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