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No feeling on inside of vagina
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I am 19 years old and shouldn't be worried about sexual problems yet but I have no feeling on the inside of my vagina, only on my cl*torus so I can't orgasim when I'm having sex with my lover and it depresses me and drives me crazy because my sex drive is very strong yet I can't come with sex, only masterbation. Is there some kind of medicine to make the nerves inside my vigina more sensitive?? Can anyone recomend something??
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I know what you mean i have the same thing, for me i have feeling, but its not pleasure its just there, i can feel inside myself but there no like pleasure its just a feeling for me, i have had a few partners, i only came when first slept with someone years ago, iv been to people doctors and they have just said im thinking about it, but im with my partner who i truly love and its hard bcos i dont have feeling and i dont come.
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Relax, and make your partner keep hunting for that g-spot . . .
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it doesn't have anything to do with his penis size, or your nerves. You have to find a way to stimulate your cl;t while he's inside of you, that's the way it works, like try it on top, you can get yourself off on him, and then he can get off on you, and once it a while it might happen at the same time.
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yeah. your mom knowsa right where the spot is
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I know what you mean hun, Like hes going in air.
it's cuz your stayin still love.
You have to learn to wiggle a bit...let your clit rub against the meaty part above his penis...has nothing to do with his size. He just doesnt know your spots yet. Trust me, I had the same problem, I could only come....well, with different methods. Just have at it some'll find it right.
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Try different positions, maybe asking him to move alittle faster or harder might work.

If not, then I would tell him to massage your clit while you have sex (or you can do it yourself, he may find it quite arrousing)
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you do not have an issue. My lover has not had an orgasm in her life even if she masturbates, which she does not appear to do. This is a real scenario and she is having blood tests now and this is just the start. She does not produce myconium or become moist and has no feeling of sex drive. She is about to have a series of tests, she does period and this appears normal. She has been active sexually for a long time. This is a concern for her.
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most of the stimulation to the vagina is at the opening-the stretching it receives along with clit stimualtion.that is why most women will prefer a thick penis to a slim long one...they like the stretching feeling they get at the entrance to the vagina.
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Wait do you mean no feeling at all or it just doesn't feel good. If it is the latter the other suggestions are actually helpful. Try fingering yourself inside facing out word towards your stomach somewhere between 1-3 inches in should be you G-Spot also if it were a clock it would be somewhere between 11 and 1. Once you find the spot try to guide him towards it. Find what works best early sex is often about experimentation. IF YOU HAVE NO FEELING WHAT SO EVER! If it is NUMB. See a Gynocologist IMIDIATELY. You should be seeing one at this age anyways. You should begin on your first period.
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Yeah but don't freak its going fine.
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See a gynecologist and aliminate any disease... If there is nothing wrong, then, is your boy, you got to improve communication about what makes u feel good.
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this just meens your boyfiend isnt big enough and or hes only 19 he doesnt know how to work it
p.s. you need to learn how to wiggle men dont know anything about pleasing a women untill they are taught
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