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No interest in friends
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I'm 38 and I have no interest in having any friends. My life is so busy and I just don't care nor want to listen to anyone else's issues and I don't want to explain all of my life to someone else. I am best friends with my mom. She's the only person other than hubby who I want to talk to. We go shopping, vacations and love to hang out together. Although this works for me, I don't know if I am modeling good behavior for my kids, ages 9 & 6. Is this normal? Any advice?
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I wish I wasn't, but I'm like that too. I'm friend-ly with a few people, but I would never go out and do something with any of them. I've been told I'm hostile, so maybe that has something to do with it. ):
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I'm the same way, my bf teases me all the time saying, "I can't believe you don't have not one friend."
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Your needs are being met. But you are a parent to these children & do need to be involved with other parents to support their involvement with their friends, activities & clubs etc. safely.

So while these need not be intimate friendships, like you enjoy with the hubster & mom, they are community friends at other sociable levels. For you it would be to support the kids. And that, in addition to mom & hub, is modeling good behaviour.
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Ditto to Ollieo's comment!
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i think its normal its okay if you dont want to talk to anyone its okay to be alone sometimes :)
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find your own solution!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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