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No motivation
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I'm 20 years old and I have no motivation. I'm in college, but I do no work and don't study. I get by just by my intelligence. I'm smart enough to get B's with minimal effort. I have no idea what I want to do with my life other than sleep in until 2PM everyday and watch TV. It's the beginning of summer and I havn't even tried to get a job yet. I don't even smoke pot, well not anymore. I've just been like this for as long as I can remember. I barely even exert the effort to leave my room most times.
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Wow. Are you my twin? University has been just plain boring. I used to have the highest GPA in my program. Last year I actually failed a couple classes because I just stopped caring. My sleep habits are weird at best and I spent the last year at school depressed. Honestly, just getting AWAY from school and spending time with people has helped a lot. I go work out to burn energy to help me sleep at night.

If you're anything like me, you probably *are* deeply motivated to make something of yourself but feel like you won't be able to accomplish these goals. I've started to realize that making the effort is sometimes more important than suceeding. Isn't that what life's about, making the effort in spite of the odds? I hope we both do.
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I am the same way, guys. I used to be very motivated. I was given a football scholarship out of high school and played for a year. 9/11 forced me to re-evaluate my situation and I quit football, dropped out of school and joined the Marine Corps. After a year in the Corps, I made the shift into Spec. Ops. I spent the next year training and giving it my all and finally was put on a deployment. Since the deployment, however, my career with the Marines is over, I am back in school and completely unmotivated. I am living off of my GI bill and have school paid for because I received a Purple Heart. I have no job and study minimally. I make Bs, and no longer exercise. I have friends and my wife all trying to push me, but ultimately, it is up to me to get up and do something. But, for some reason, I really can't make myself get up and exercise. I always seem to find an excuse. Now, I am in complete un-health. I have gone from being an extremely fit 220 pounds to being a lazy 320 pounds.

Anyways, long story short, what it sounds like is you are somewhat depressed. I have done some research on my part and found that my University offers free counseling to students and faculty. I can only assume this practice is similar at many Universities. Maybe you should look into that.

The hardest part, if you're like me, is accepting the fact that you need help. That was the hardest part for me. Anyways, good luck bro, get some help. It's like my father told me as a child; "If you make yourself available for someone to guide you and teach you, anything is possible." It was those words that took me from being the scrawny freshman in High School, to being a State Champion weight-lifter. Keep your head up and go get some counseling.
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Read this and your problems will be solved.

The major issue here is your waking up at 2pm. This must mean that you are going to sleep probably around 5am. You only experience 5 to 6 hours of sunlight during the day depending on where you live. They did a study that correlated circadian rythm with the reward pathway in the brain. (motivation). Now also I want you to read about neurogenesis, what it is, and the best conditions for it to take place. You really need to follow these steps, I know a lot of the science behind it but never mind that it would take to long for me to write

Step 1: Start waking up at the same time everyday weekends included(dont worry about when you go to bed that will happen naturally).

Step 2: Start eating natural foods, cut out caffeine.

Step 3: throw in a little exercise

Step 4: start applying yourself and actively look within yourself for a spark daily. If its not there that means you need keep going, neurogenesis takes a while to set it.

Step 5: Smile and laugh at the 99% of the people out there that have no idea how important sleep is and when they are all out partying until 5 in the morning, you will be earning the big coin when success is given to those who follow the day natural rythms through sleeping, and eating.

This is very important. You may be asking, but I have a social life, what if there is a party that goes until 3 am or new years etc.... thats fine once in a while. You still wake up at the same time even if it means you get 4 hours of sleep as you will go to sleep way earlier the next night. I promise you success from this. I swear by it.
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sorry to explain.

they didn't until recently learn that the brain is still growing after the age of 20. They assumed before that no new neurons are made. The significance of this is motivation, hope, happyness, learning, are all dependant on these new neurons being created. Neurogenesis. Neurogenisis best works under a brain that is following a natural sleep wake cycle and that is one that follows the rise and setting of the sun. Sleep is the absolute key to success. But it must follow the natural daily rythm, 2pm, you are confusing the shit out of your body, how can you expect to have any motivation, when your brain is on permanent jet lag. I hope this helps, don't lose faith
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Amotivation is entirely understandable in today's world. Perhaps you went through a period when no matter how hard you tried you didn't accomplish anything, perhaps society has defeated you in spite of your best efforts too many times. In any case, you have to keep in mind that it's always worth making an effort. Go out into the world, see it, change it if you want to. Becoming involved and making a difference is a greater reward than you seem to imagine it being. You say you're smart, that you can get Bs without even trying, that's good! Imagine all that you could do if you put forth some effort. Even if it's unsatisfactory, just imagine the alternative. Sleeping until 2 and watching TV all day without a job is comfortable, but it can get old fast. Give life a try, and don't let the world beat you down.
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It's hard to be motivated when you're not doing something you enjoy. You just haven't found what you really want to do yet.

However, the attitude you are describing can sometimes be associated with depression. If you think you might be depressed, you might want to talk to somebody about it.
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I'm 23 and I've been that way for longer than you probably. It gets worse, eventually nearly everything on tv sucks. Currently out of college, no job, living at home. I stayed up reading this site rather than going to bed and so will likely wake up today at 2PM. My advice, do something about it. Better advice, tell someone who will absolutely not let up on making you better even when you start bitchin'. You more than likely do have a dream, you're just afraid of failure, success, change, the world, and other people. I certainly have no easy answer since absolutely every fucking thing takes effort. Try starting a routine, make a schedule for taking care of yourself and just do it until it becomes a habit. Maintain a consistent sleep schedule, messing with your sleep pattern will exascerbate any problem. How do I know any of this works? Cause I haven't done it yet so I'm still stuck. If you really don't have a dream, use this time to find something, browse Wikipedia for a few hours. Finally, if a superiority complex or just plain egotism is lurking back in your mind somewhere and adding to your lack of motivation because you subconciously believe there's no point since it's all so easy, get over it, you're not as smart as you think you are, I got A's with minimal effort and was valedictorian in high school. Good luck.
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I find myself in an ironic situation. Reading about your problem made me start thinking of advice to give, but since your problem is so similar to mine I think I need to seriously take my own advice now. Maybe we should see about talking each other through it.

First, a routine can help. If you have a job, and particularly one during the daytime, you have to get up and get dressed everyday. Getting dressed can really help your mood. If you don't have a job you might try acting like you did. Exert some willpower and make yourself get up earlier. Get dressed and go out and look for one.

If you find that you've overslept or it has taken longer to get out ot the house than you meant, don't take it as an excuse to abandon your plan of action. Get out there at 3:30 pm if you have to and look at something besides the same four walls. Talk to people and ask if they know where you can get a job. If the TV is drawing your attention too much, turn it off. Don't get stuck in the routine of watching a show and then noticing that its later than you wanted and so do nothing. Get up, turn it off and do something different.

College probably isn't challenging you. Maybe you can find interesting work that challenges you more. If you are good with computers for instance why not seek vocational training and technical certifications? There are actually still many jobs that you can learn on an apprenticeship or internship basis. If something interests you, go where they are doing it and ask if they need any help and what kind of training they would like you to have.

Maybe you can switch to harder classes, or to a harder school. Perhaps you should look into an exchange student program, or seek out other opportunities for traveling abroad. A friend recently told me that anyone with a bachelors degree can qualify to teach English in Japan. That appeals to me, maybe it appeals to you as well.

Another possibility is that you might have some kind of low-grade illness. Allergies can make a person listless, as can athsma or anything that causes trouble breathing. Talk to your doctor about it and see if you can get a very throrough check-up. Even if nothing comes out of the visit improving your health can give you a lot of energy. Try cutting back on fatty foods, eat a lot of fresh or steamed vegetables. Try having sushi or mackeral once a week. Start an exercize plan. The best way to begin a fun exercize plan is to get into the pool once a day at your apartment or school facilities. There is probably a neighborhood pool that you can get into on some basis while it is warm. Cut back on the sugar and carbs but don't drink diet beverages or anything with aspartame, also known as nutrasweet, because it can affect your short term memory and doesn't give you a lot of energy either.
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there is so much 4 u to look up too! u are in college and have every reason to be happy. u said your self it takes minimal work 4 u to pass. most students would die for your intelligence, be happy! go out and party! meet new people it would make the situation SOO much better. and by the way there nothin wrong with sleepin til' 2 oclock everyday! lol i do it! haha
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I'm curious. What do you do for money?
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You might just be depressed. But your situation is not abnormal, no.
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I have the same problem with motivation. I also can't motivate myself to go to bed early enough to get enough sleep before class. I'm curious if there's any kind of depressive disorders associated with this behavior. I don't think I'm severely depressed or anything like that and it's a long story why I was temporarily put on meds, but when I was on abilify, it was much easier to motivate myself to do things and my sleep patterns were more regular. I was put on it to treat a temporary problem with anxiety, but sometimes it's used to treat other things like depression occasionally. I wonder if I'm slightly depressed and that's why I'm unmotivated? idk. I know I probably sound hypochondriac, but I wonder. I didn't think I needed meds for anxiety, so I started coming off it and now I'm less motivated and always stay up too late and sleep all day again. I'm going to try to eat healthier and exercise to see if it increases my motivation and stuff.
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i sorta have the same problem im 22 was going to college cant keep a job i need some advice please lately i been really depressed and no motivation at all forawhile i didnt have a car now i finally do i thought it be easier to keep a job if i had a car but no i dont know whats wrong i noticed i become more depressed since my group friends kinda went there seprate ways 2 went to the army and lost touch with everyone else most the time i stay home i use to be very social last year even when i was in college i barley went to class but when i did i made 90s i have a dream to be a producer and have a friend that wants to record an hes really talented but really lackin motivation to get in the car an go record with him whats wrong wtih me please i see my friends movin on with there lives livin in apartments and having fun while im just stuck at home behind .
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First I'd like to say that I'm a 24 year old grad student and i should be working like a slave... but tv is so much easier... so yeah, i get where youre coming from. My advice? keep up the no work. some day youre gonna be 40, youll have a job because, lets face it, if forced you will do work, maybe kids to feed and youll get 10 days of vacation a year. thats gonna suck, so enjoy it while you can. i know, im so uplifting.
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