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No-one has ANY time for me..
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I do have some friends but they never have time for me, they work, take courses, are tidying their room, are tired, hung-over, are avoiding going to shops because they're saving money etc...

Even my family don't have time for me.

I have told them how I feel, many times and in different ways. They reassure me that they do care about me but it's just difficult for them. I have told them that it would be nice to just meet up, to go for a coffee, have a little chat, see a film, do stuff together, etc, etc....

but they still neeever have time for me.

I am so so lonely.

No idea how to make new friends since I've taking courses, gone museums and places, met up with a lot of people from the Internet.

No one wants me, no one has time for me or wants to make time for me.
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maybe you should try volunteering, helping other people will make you feel better and you will meet a lot of people that also could use a friend. :)
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Well I don't think this is much in the way of self pity, more like discouragement. That is if you actually want to DO specific things with specific friends and family, and they don't?

They brush you off? Every time. And you ask often. Who wouldn't take that personally after a while? You need new friends so keep looking.

But, if you have only experienced this a few times, then you are over-generalizing.
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Hmmm...well I have the same problem but the best advice I can give you is
just dont care what anyone says.Act like theyre your best friends(but dont suck up).Trust me.You'll feel better.And make some new friends...and never be depressive around them until youve known them for a while.

good luck
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I wouldn't worry too much, people more than likely are just really busy, but you might want to address the situation to them in a nonthreatening manner. The internet is a great way to meet new people.
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I hope that things look up for you!!
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2 words: new friends
easier said than done i know
but once you have new friends
the old ones will get jelous
then they will be bugging you to hang out
and you can either tell them to go fuck
or have double the amount of friends
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Yes, this is becoming common in our modern society. Part of it is the suburban lifestyle, even in large cities. It was once called the "Swingset syndorme" because people began keeping to themselves due to lack of time and did not even take their children to the parks, but bought their own swings to save trips. These children and adults began to lose social skills such as how to converse casually. There have been many articles on this and you are one who has now witnessed it.
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Okay, if ya wanna take ur mind off things, watch 1000 ways to die, after you get sick of that, eat, go online and read a book to sleep.Oops, i just summed up my whole life!XD Eh, not really, i usually call my bf.Actually, i really suggest a road trip!Get a job, save up money and go explore!Stop worrying about other people, and obsess over your life right now, 'cause ur wasting it.
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There are some stupid suggestions here unfortunately.

You need to join groups, whether it is sports, dancing, art, whatever, as long as you are around people who are there for a purpose you will be able to hand around with them and form friendships. Trust me. Just trying to get people to hang around with you for no reason doesn't work. Obviously. Get out and connect.
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boring ur so goddamnably boring....

u have what we call the enlightened brain of a human which has tamed all the other creatures of this earth without ever growing sharp teeth big claws or wings or fins..
and yet u are alone

go out into the world,see what u haven't,do what u haven't;it doesn't always has to be done with someone....and write a book on ur lone adventures with nature,u'll earn some bucks too

or do something weird everyday,will make u feel gud.

like go over to a girl and say :hey,i ur boobs r really b'ful,and u can slap me for saying that,coz i don't really care!"

yeah or just go bang ur head in the wall or watch all the seasons of FRIENDS and SEINFELD hell u will die of laughter or get a prostitute,fuck her brains out u will feel happy or do drugs until they bust u up or beat up ur neighbour or help the needy on the streets

ya know stuff like that,unusual stuff....helps u tke ur mind off ur boring life.
but,oh,u don't have a life...get one first
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Sorry but I wouldn't want to hang out with someone, who feels that much self-pity either. Grow some nads.
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you should really try getting a life
stop trying to bug everyone for attention
my sister always bugs me to the point where i don't answer any of her calls
it gets annoying
people will come to you when they want to hang out
don't force yourself on to them...GOSH
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LOL i agree with the wannarocktheworld dude. go kill someone spontaneously, thatll make your life interesting. jeez man if your so bored just go smoke some weed.
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