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Normal to be afraid to ask women out on dates?
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Is it normal to be afraid to ask women out on dates? I am very short and fat and figure I will get rejected.
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There's no reason to be afraid.
I'm not the most handsome guy by any means but if I want to ask a girl out I do so without hesitation.
You can't let rejection get to you. If you're feeling worried just remember these three things.

1. If they say no you're no worse off than before, you didn't have a date before, you don't have one now, and now you can move on to someone else.

2. you increase your odds by 50% just by asking. It's a yes or no question, and the answers always no if you don't ask, so ask and boom, you've already boosted your odds 50%.

3. Look at the good qualities you have, if she says no just shrug it off as her loss. You offered her a chance to get to know you and all the great things about you and she turned you down, realize it's her loss, not yours. --NOTE-- do not be a narcissistic asshole with this.
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This world needs more people like you. I'm into larger guys and the hardest thing is trying to find one who has some confidence!
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You're most probably going to get rejected, I recommend getting a waifu instead.
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Find a girl who's just as short and fat as you are.
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You just made me super erect right now. Want to date?
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Nope, I have a sweetheart of my own, but now you have my words to help you.
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Not normal to be afraid of asking woman out. Rejection is part of life. Sooner or later one will say yes, esp. if you pay for dinner and drinks.
Expect about a $ 40 outlay before something develops re. sex.
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