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Normal to want to poop when having sex
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Is it normal to feel the urge to poop when in intercourse? One time I felt the earge so badly that I just went and pooped on this guys chest. I felt bad for the guy, it was all loose and oozing out on his dick. It was kinda hot, is this Normal?
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Comments (14)
That's absolutely disgusting! If I were the guy I would've dumped you (pun not intended).
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shit thats not hot lmfao
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Might as well just shit i his mouth, i mean damn
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How did the guy reacted to this?
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I'll be the judge of that.
Well, maybe next time you should see if you have to go next time before having sex. :)
I leave this question, normal.
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I'd let you do it to me
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Honestly...I wouldn't mind if a girl did that. It's somehting I think I want to cross of a sexual bucket list lol. I'd prefer it if it wasn't runny though and was more solid.
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Not a problem.. just shit away..
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THat is really hot. I would feel so lucky if I was that guy. I think girls' poop is one of the most erotic things in the world. If you pooped on me, I'd be so turned on and I am pretty sure it would result in the best sex you've ever had. I think next time you should make the guy taste it.
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The dude has a dick on his chest?
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so sexy
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Guess you were making love in 'reverse cowgirl' position. Have the say I find the idea of this really hot, and would love to meet a mature woman who would do it.
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it been better if youed used a diaper and shitted in it while fucking ever try diaper sex
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