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Not being able to explain what I've read out loud.
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One thing that I can't ever forget is when I got called on to read a passage out loud to the class followed by a question from the teacher asking me to summarize what I just read.

Somehow I thought I could hide my embarrassment by not responding which in turn just created an awkward silence. I didn't want to admit to the class that I had no idea what the hell I just read. This happened to me more than once, and I swear they can tell by the way I read because they never asked anyone else to summarize or explain. After those incidents they learned not to ever call on me again for the rest of the class year.

I can listen and read to myself, but this particular thing never went well with me. I'd like to believe it was because I was timid and didn't like being put on the spot, or blank out when reading something uninteresting, but I'm probably just an idiot.
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I have a hard time retaining information that I read. I sort of remember it but if I had to explain it, that would be difficult. I have trouble putting things into words even if I know the material. It's annoying.
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Listen to more music and talk about how it makes you feel.
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