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Not ready for a relationship?!?
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I have recently asked a guy out who I've been hanging out with for the last couple of months. I live at school and both he and I live in the same rez building. We would hang out at least 5 + hours everyday and he'd come get me for classes and dinner etc. so I assumed he liked me. When I asked him out he told me that he wasn't stupid and knew what was going on between us.He also said he wasn't ready for a relationship becuase he had a recent breakup with a girl and that it wasn't that he didn't like me. I was wondering if this "Iam not ready for a relationship" has another meaning of, I just don't like you. The confusing part of this is after he rejected me, he hasn't changed his flirty behaviour and actually goes out of his way to spend more time with me. Iam confused and wondering whether I should move on or stick around ( at least for a little while).
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DO never give up :P
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If he's "not ready for a relationship" he's probably either afraid of rejection or he just wants you both to eventually become friends with benefits.

He sounds like he isn't quite ready to grow up and you should probably avoid a romantic relationship with him. Don't have sex if you have feelings for him... YOU WILL DEFINITELY GET HURT.

If you really really like him (again, I caution you DONT HAVE SEX WITH HIM), try not to be so available. Let him know the world doesn't revolve around him. Most men like women that are confident, happy, and a challenge (in a good way.)

Hope this helps, and good luck.
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He'll play with your tits and ass but doesn't want to "date" you. He is a complete jackass and here's why. He does not find you attractive, he keeps you around because you're a female he can feel up every now and then. As soon as a chick that actually turns him on will pay him any attention he'll forget you like yesterday's news.

Next time he grabs your boob drop kick him in the nuts, walk away and don't look back.
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It is obvious hes being truthfull to you and likes you but is not ready for a relationship. He might be later if you still are but dont put your life on hold waiting for him just enjoy your time together and if you want just have casual sex with him
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he's probably buying into all that abstinence bullshit
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@: flikr
i agree
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see I'm kind of in the same predicament here, and to be honest with you it has made the situation way more complicated just because i let him know I had feelings for him. What I'm going to do now is tell him to stop flirting with me, and stop grabbing my ass & boobs and stuff if he doesn't want to go out with me. I guess that's easier said than done though. I would stop hanging out with that guy so much too that will drive him wild. He may also be hanging out with you, because he just doesn't want to be alone, i don't really know, just TALK TO HIM ABOUT IT.
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Jesus he grabs ur boobs and ass and ur nt going out wth him? i mean if he likes u tht much i think is a bit weird tbh
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He'll never go out with you. Just move on and find someone else. If he really likes you, he'll chase you. If not, you'll know it wasn't going anywhere.
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i definetely agree with the last comment if he isnt chasing u he doesent want u u should know that but u seem kind of feeble and stupid no offense guys chase girls not the other way around
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