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Now what after knowing he cheats and we aren't exclusive
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In brief best-friend had feelings we were too young i refused years passed feelings still there we moved on in a different ways he left town year passed he back i saw him i admit it he refused cause he moved on and with someone else we kept talking and hanging we become closer but without intimacy we talked everyday and whole day he admit it that he still love me but its complicated now months passed we still talking sharing he go on vacation i asked if he was alone he said yes i discover that she was with him he lied

Question now i don't have right to be mad or blame him i knew we weren't exclusive but i fell betrayed and deceived and his way with me wasn't like we are just friends i decided to leave but i want to know now how i deal with him when he talks to me should i told him i knew or should i confront him or just go and shut him down with no explanation

FYI we are friends for almost 8 years nows
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Some people would say for the girl in this situation to ask the guy to stick his cock in her butt. But to me it seems like you have not used the goods good enough for him to take attention.
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It's clear that although you'd now like it to be, this is not a committed relationship and therefore he didn't cheat.

I guess you could let him know you're aware of what he's been up to, but any demands on your part would be unreasonable and would probably push him away.
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I cheated in GTA vice city. Nothing wrong with cheating.
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All I can think of is that Taraji yelling at Tyrese meme in facebook with, "we're not together but LET ME SEE YOU WITH ANOTHER BITCH THOUGH!!"
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