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Oral sex with your dog (and guilt).
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When i was younger (13-14?) my dog would smell my crotch, and i began to realize it felt good so one day I let her lick me (the only reason i can even share this story is that it's anonymous and online). obviously it felt good, and so for quite a while i would sneak around and get her to perform oral sex on me. i orgasmed once. at the same time i felt so guilty (i was mormon and i just thought "who the f*** does this? bestiality is terrible") and my friend thinks bestiality is disgusting (I've never mentioned this to her). I stopped doing it a long time ago and do normal masturbation and have no urge going back. Was/am I sick? This was my first real sexual experience. is this normal/abnormal? thanks
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Sick, try having sex with your friend insteed.
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not sick it is great and normal every one have the raight to have sex and i am sure the dog licked
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At least you stopped doing it, there's a lot of people on this site who are still doing it.
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You stopped. Normal. Though,back then. Negitave.
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It's an innocent dog... Why would you...:(
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Prolly is sick but a lot of people do it...
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let the dog do it. enjoy yourself sexually. return the favor!
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Yes, it is normal. We all have an urge to get the feeling good in your parts, and if you dont have a human to do it, the urge takes over, and you'll do whatever it takes to get that good feeling.
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u should go back to it and it enjoy it. what u do is ur business and it is an awesome feeling.
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ive done it to a few dogs. Its always mutualy consenting, never forced. and I usualy try to know the dog first, makes me feel less of a slut lol - but nothing wrong with experimenting, even going to the next level isnt wrong if u take it slow. (u cant get human STDs from a dog, unless human DNA from a positive person was left over, remeber that) - but u can get flu, common cold ect just like u can wit people.
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I've learned to train my dog to perform the best oral sex I have ever had. Keep in mind a dog's tongue is much larger than a human's, and they will/can go at it for a LONG time (think of how long they will chase a ball).

I put peanut butter in my vagina and let the dog lick it. The way I look at it, the dog has no idea that anything is abnormal, so what is the harm? In fact, the dog LOVES the peanut butter.

It would be wrong if I did something sexual to my dog, but I don't. The dog just thinks it is eating. I love it and highly recommend it.

A friend of mine studying at Animal Behavior College helped me train her.
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