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Panty sniffing
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I'm a happily married guy with many kids and a fantastic wife. We have plentiful sex even after 20 + years of marriage. So why do I get such a thrill when I see another woman's panties peeking out the top of her lo-rise jeans? Why do I have urges to sniff panties belonging to other women? Is this normal?
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that is so fucking totally normal! I have a major fetish for panties, every time I am at a hot girls house like for instance if i am visiting a friend and he has a hot sister I will when no one is around sneak into her bedroom and smell the sweetness of her panties I also lick them too, the best kind are when they haven't washed their ass for like a couple of days and got really sweaty while wearing them, the girl has to be really beautiful thought for me to do this
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It's normal to have fetishes, but it's up to you if you follow them through or not. If you're really that desperate you can ask your wife is she minds you rifling through her underwear. I'm sure she'll understand... (cough) yeah...

In the long run it's better it's your wife's your sniffing than random strangers. Do you really want to end up like the first poster on this story? A creepy little pervert violating unsuspecting girls, hoping for skidmarks and sweat, constantly wondering where your next knicker fix is coming from? Think about it...
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i am a chick 2 just like "violent10dency" and i sniff my panties too lol i wish i had a guy who thought i was so hot he would sniff my panties secretly though but i would think it was disgusting to myself... and "TheReverent" i think "flikr" and this poster just have a fetish thats all and there nothing wrong with it just don't get caught! but if you do...maybe something good will come out of it? ;)
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I find it very sexy and erotic when a women is turned on by her own scent
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