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Paxil and marijuana
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So i smoked some weed the other day after taking 20mls of Paxil which i take regularly, and passed out and then woke up so high i thought i was dead. i kept dry heaving. i started text all my friends sobbing. my heart was racing and my body felt like it was vibrating. The worst was IT WOULDN'T END. when i woke up it wore down a little but i was tripping all day. i thought my geometry teacher was a wizard. i also used a candle lighter that said not to smoke with it on the box with my bong. my friend says it wasn't laced but that it was just really good shit. i don't know what happened? i've been really concerned and just wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this and if they might know the cause. thank you!
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Mixing of prescription and street drugs will lead to unpredictable results.
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Your life is just going to pass by at this rate. I hope you snap out of this phase soon before you hit 40 and don't know what the fuck happened.
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me too
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And you thought smoking pot and taking prescription meds would be a good idea?
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Do drugs less.
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The cause was cannabis on top of 20 ml of paxil.
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