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Pee dreams
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Ok ive had what i call pee dreams ever since I was a kid.and Im now 25.This is what happens.Im asleep and Im dreaming.In my dream Im doing something like watering the lawn or washing my car.and Im really spraying the water out good but then I wake up because I have peed in the bed but in the dream I was using a hose.Or sometimes in my dream Im dreaming Im peeing holding my dick and pissing like a horse just pissing so hard and then I wake up soaked in my own pee.

So i call these things pee dreams.Does anyone else do it normal?
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I had a dream about going to the toilet and I thought it was true... =[
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It is a normal pathology. I can't remember what it's called but people can suffer from it into their twenties. There is pills available and see devices which can help you train your body into hanging on until you wake up. But go see a doc about it. It really isn't THAT weird.
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First off, I have to say you should ignore the arrogant asshats up there.

This is and isn't normal. When you are a kid, it happens. When you are an adult, it can happen, and for a few reasons. Such as having drank something before bed, or not going to the bathroom before bed. Another thing I have yet to see mentioned is -stress-

Stress can lead our bodies to to wacky things. I'm in college and I had this happen to me only once. I woke up because I had a dream I was peeing, and I flew out of bed and ran to the bathroom. I made it, with little damage to my undies, but it still freaked me out. Luckily my roommate wasn't there that night. But on the upside, she's my best friend, and we talked about it anyways.

I also had it happen once because I was sleeping on my stomach, which I never-ever do. I figured it was pressure on my bladder, that time I made it to the bathroom just in time.

Anyways, I'm thinking you are probably stressed out or something. Go see a doc, and don't be embarrassed to say anything about it!
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This probably isn't normal I've been experiencing the same. I dreamt Iwas peeing and the urnial was turned around and I was pissing on the back of the urninal (like a race horse) .
One thing is i drink alot of coffee and soda, Two I recently got off dope and alcohol and I'm trying get myself image and self respect back. So I'm sure it's psychological of feeling helpless. But you can overcome this. For some reason you have fears or you are having difficulties in esteem.
And to those who are negative and derogatory towards you are immature and have several inadiquicies themselves. Don't listen to them. And as for that dumbass who says shes suprised men would admit this shes f^%%$%%^$ed up. Most of our societal issues stem from fear and facing up to the fact that most people (especially americans) have fears and don't share their problems for fear of this ridicule and those who pretend they have no problems are deriving self-esteem from putting you down. Which is why Drugs alcohol and violence are problems in our society! STOP DISPLACING YOUR FEARS AND FACE THEM!
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dont drink anything a few hours before you sleep
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This happened to me last night. I was dreaming i was peeing in a urinal. I woke up and my underwear was soaked. I couldn't believe it.
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i have dreams like that..but not the same..ill have a dream im going tooo the bathroom ..but i'll have the dream for a long time or repeatedly, and finally, i'll wake up cuz i have to pee so bad and i go tooo the toilet to pee..only one time in the years of this did i leak out a small amount before i woke was just a little all i needed was a new pair of pjs..but it was still gross..and i drink a lot of liquid all day, even up to 32 to 44 oz before bed (i take meds that make me thirsty)..yours is dif, you could ask your doc even if its embarrassing, but you might wanna stop that when you get a girl into your bed!
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I would say this isn't normal at 25, but it is something you can't control since you're doing it subconciously. Don't worry about what some of the asshats have said on here. This does fall under a medical condition, I would advise you to go see your doctor about it, maybe he can give you some drugs or refer you to helpful theropy that'll stop your problem. If not, hopefully you'll eventually grow out of it.

Don't worry, it's happened to everyone at some stage in their life.
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yes this is normal but its usually people who are drunk that are thinking they are standing infront of a toilet.
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dunno if it is for a grown man... but when i was 6 i actually dreamed of peeing for 30 mins... yeah strange i even remember that, and walking toilets. =)
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I haven't peed the bed since I was about 11 at the oldest, EXCEPT for a couple of times I came home drunk and followed someone's advice to drink as much water as possible. I think I must have fallen into such a drunken stupor that the need to pee didn't wake me. I remember dreaming that I was needing a pee badly, then feeling relief as I went, thinking I'd found a loo at last. It happened again the next time I had a lot to drink and drank pints of water, this time when I almost started to empty my bladder I managed to get out of bed but peed gallons on the carpet. I was so embarrassed that it could have happened somewhere else that I quit drinking quite so much liquid after a night out, in fact I didn't get that drunk again apart from occasionally - it put me off knowing the disgusting things it made me do.
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This is VERY normal and can happen for a number of reasons including when you are over tired.
Do you drink alcohol (which may prevent you from waking up to pee)
Are you a deep sleeper?
Are you stressed or anxious?
Are you generally over tired?

This is happening because you don't know u are dreaming at the time you are emptying your bladder. This has happened to me when I've been over tired however I've always been able to wake up and rush to the bathroom.

I would suggest you empty your bladder before bed and see how it goes. You can also set your alarm to go off at night to wake yourself up to use the bathroom. Pretty soon, your body will be trained to get up and use the bathroom.

If none of this is working, discuss with your GP and see what they think.
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ok no i dont have this problem. but i have some suggestions for you and other readers with the problem:

dont drink anything for 30 minutes before you go to sleep.

go to the bathroom before you go to sleep

before going to sleep try to think of something realy hard that dosnt involve peeing. like ging trough the desert of something. [when you think about something this hard before you go to sleep you may end up having a dream about theese]
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One of my older half brothers and one of my older half sisters, me and my twin sister have this same problem. My other sister's girls seem like they're going to have the same problem too, since they're 12/13 and still having accidents too. My sister's boyfriend used to wet his bed til he was 19, and that's the extent of it that I know of. So for me, it's pretty damn normal.

I've read that bed wetting has genetic roots (seems that way in my family!) and unfortunately there's not much that can be done about it. Though skipping the drinks two hours before bedtime helps me, personally, just make sure you drink plenty during the day so you don't dehydrate yourself.
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your 25 and u still wet ur bed. no its not right...
i had a "pee dream" but never peed before wet the bed always woke up in time to go to the bathroom.
u should go see a doctor!
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are you 25 or 73????
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when i was about seven I had a dream about being in a warm bath and woke up in my pee. but after 11 its not right
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what ever, just make sure u pee before bedtime, or where a diaper
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people usually quit "pee-ing" their bed when they're about 10, or so.

so no, you're very much abnormal, sorry.
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That is so funny...

i can't believe guys would admit to that. But, hey if it's true I am glad you admit it! LOL
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You're wetting your bed at 25? Do you really have to ask if this is normal?

Invest in some plastic sheets and a plastic girlfriend.

Or you could find a dude interested in watersports...
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