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Peeing outside in a public place
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Whenever i need to go to the bathroom I wait until i find a gas station. I can hold it. I've never had a situation where i couldn't hold it and had to improvise from my standard plan.

When I was visiting my friend she had to pee and it wasn't an emergency. We were on a busy street during traffic and she pulled over in the parking lot of an office building and peed in a bush. Anyone in the cars could of seen her. And she didn't even have to go that bad.

Her explanation was that she lived on a communal farm for a while and always went outside. Thats fine for there but thats in the country where no one could see you.

I don't understand how you get from going where no one could see you to where anyone could see you just because you are able to pee outside.
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Comments (18)
i like peeing in public...... its fun
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In my state she would have to register as sex offender for exposing herself. Don't think I'd hang with her anymore if she does that.
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I think it's only normal when you're drunk an god where NO ONE can see you, I guess for a girl anyway, ya know when you're drunk and there's a line for the bathroom at the party and you cant hold it anymore so you say fuck it. Or maybe that's only me lol anyway no, that's kinda weird
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i wrote this. i think that she must have to like doing this in public and the negative attention she gets from it, like its reinfores her. No one is stupid enough to do that in front of people and not be concious of all the disaproval they'd get and how nasty it is. so i think she must enjoy the consequences. She actually would use this to introduce discussion about how she lived in an ecovillage as if she was bragging about how advanced she was while she popped a squat in front of everyone.
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Maybe it is her fetish.
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I'd love to pee in public. Especially when on all fours and dressed in a dog costume.

Shit, TMI...
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my dad does that, and he'll seriously actually come out of the house and go outside to piss in a bush even thought the potty is closer. i mean once me and my sister were sitting on the deck and my dad just comes out and starts peeing in the bushes. and he'll even pee in water bottles on road trips too
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It's not a mjor thing here in the UK, even if one of the police saw you the worst you're likely to get is a warning. Loads of people do it, mainly when we're drunk though.
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I don't want to be seen doing it but I love to pee outside. Plus, public restrooms are really gross sometimes. So if nobody can see me and I'm not going to get arrested, I'd pee outside more often.
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I do it if I'm sure I won't be seen and no ones around. Plus I go hiking a lot, and have drunken bonfires where were a mile walk from a real restroom, soo.. It's become a normal thing for me. I don't think I've ever done it anywhere but the woods in daylight though..
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I prefer pissing outside then inside. I'm a male
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Pissing outside makes me feel more alive...more like a man. I would much rather piss outside than in a bathroom with germs and having to touch the lid and the flusher and the sink and the doorknob and all that shit. Besides, what a waste of water flushing every time ya gotta take a whiz.

I like having a beer in one hand, a blunt in the other, and then letting my dick freestyle...feels much more free and natural.

I don't piss in public though unless I'm SURE no one is looking. But if I'm with my friends I don't give a shit. I've actually developed this technique where I can be walking beside someone and pull my dick out and start pissing without them even knowing. I once started pissing at full speed when I was streaking.

But see my dick is long enough to stretch it to the side while I'm walking so that it doesn't get on me or my friends. You shrimp dicks better not try this or you might end up with a wet willy...or buddy.
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Would love to witness u perform this feat. Believe me, I would know u were pissing; I'd be hoping u would!;)
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Nikki Sixx does it! Lol
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That's really weird!!
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o rather be In my own bathro
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I hate peeing in public. Find a bathroom. If you have no option, go for it, but don't be one of those jerks who does it in places where people have to walk by and see you. You may assume that you don't appear to be peeing, but they know...
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I've always had my boys pee in public. Sure, if we're in a store or restaurant we use the restrooms, but if we're outside, they can always go behind a bush or a car door. At times I've let them pee into the street from the curb or into the water at the beach. It shouldn't be a big deal for boys.
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