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People who manipulate you into feeling guilty for their mistakes, IIN?
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I have met a few people that make this weird thing where they fail you and then get angry at you. They notice that you might get mad at them, so they make you feel like you are actually the bad person for thinking like that.

I remember this friend who owed me money for over a year. I kept asking him to pay me back and he kept promising that he will pay me "next week" everytime. I got angry at him at some point and he was like: "How can you get mad at me, I promised that I would pay you... you are a bad friend, you don't even trust my words...".

There is also a girlfriend of one of my friends. Someone told him that she cheated on him, but when he confronted her she denied it. After he came back with proof, she was like: "I already told you that I didn't cheat on you! Why did you keep looking to incriminate me!? You are the worst boyfriend ever! You have serious trust issues", etc, etc.

And I don't know, I just want to know if this is normal. I might as well lose all my faith in humanity if it is.
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It's not something everyone does, or something that someone does all the time. I think when people are really unhappy, taking responsibility for their mistakes is hard because it's just another crushing blow to them. We desire to keep this as status quo or to get better but when we admit we're wrong instead of claiming ignorance or shifting the blame we think the person is going to see us for how low we truly are.

I'm only speaking from personal experience. The happier I was the more ready I was to accept consequences and blame. The lower you are the more it hurts when you screw up. It's really just a defense mechanism.
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The only people who feel guilty are those who are.
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Some people can be like that. It's just how they are, everyone is different to you, so expect something different back that maybe you may not like or be happy with. You may be kind and caring etc.. Whereas others may be manipulative and just mean altogether.
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These kind of people can really make your life bitter. When they blame you for being angry or something similar, try to calm them and then state some logical reasons for the problem. Hope this helps:)
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You're asking if it's normal for a person to do so OR if it's normal in terms of how often it happens?
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