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Pinching my nose makes a smell?
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I'm not sure when was the first time I noticed it, but when I pinch the tip of my nose, and pull it a bit, I smell something. Trying to give the smell a name, caused me relate the smell with tea.
Is it normal? Do other people smell something odd when pinching their noses?
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Comments (4)
It's probably the smell of your fingers...
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Yup sure is. I shove them up my arse every time I need a shit so I can dig it out.
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ive smelled something when i was sick with a cold. it was most likely the mucous. i also just did it a bunch of times and got a wiff of something its probably the mucous.

but i dont think it is anything to worry about. i looked it up on line and found nothing so it definitely isnt a serious issue.
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The smell is from you forcing the oil out of the abundant oil glands in your nose. Since it is right next to your nose, the smell is very potent.
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