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K well i have this problem with my poo. i go to the toilet about 5 times a day, about 3 of these times will be to pee, but the other times will be to poop. k well the size of the poo... well to put it bluntly the darn turds could sink a small island. but thats not rle the problem, i am actually quite proud of the size of them. the problem is that they WILL NOT FLUSH. i have blocked the toilet up so many times, and the other day i flushed it so many times to get the poo to go, that the pipe burst. (this was at my girlfriends house, so as u can probably imagine she is not talking to me at the moment) after this experience, i decided its probably not best to flush them away, so i have resorted to throwing them in to my neighbours garden. however, i often over hear the neighbours discussing confusedly how "Bouncer" (their miniature poodle) is producing these ridiculously sized logs. so i think its time for me to think of another way to dispose of them. anybody got any ideas? and is it normal for my sh*t to be so huge?
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Wow... y wud u throw ur poop into ur neighbours garden? If I am perfectly honest I do not think it is normal, or human, to have poops big enuff to "sink a small island". maybe u shud consult ur doctor? and i am not suprised that ur neighbours are confused that their MINIATURE POODLE is producing turds that big. plz stop doing that its just not sanitary. find another way of disposing ur poop. maybe u shud bag it up and drop it in a doggy doo-doo bin wen u offer to take ur neighbours dog for a walk as a way of apologising for ur disgusting behaviour.
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