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Pooping Technique
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Okay. So I'm a female in my early 20s. For as long as I can remember I've been using a special "technique" when having a number two. This is vulgar...but I'm just going to say it. When sitting on the toilet and having difficulty "going," I will use my finger to press down on my perineum (the small space between the vagina and the anus). Pressing down where I feel the buldge, I gently coax out the feces. I NEVER touch the pooh, just my perineum. I've also always worried if this may cause damage, but I'm pretty sure it shouldn't.
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(By the way, I suggest you try my technique when you are in a hurry!)
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Comments (6)
I am not going
to try this.
I might get
poop on my finger!
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Yea i do that too. i have weak muscles down there and thats the only way i can usually take a pooh without using some sort of laxitive i think its normal??
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I do it and I've heard of other people doing it as well. It's a good idea and it works, so who cares?
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I'd advise you to get more fiber in your diet and you won't have to use that gross technique.
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I can honestly say that nothing like this has ever crossed my mind
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you massage out your shit? that is gross. ssoooooooooooooooo groooooooooooooss!!
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