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Pardon the pun in the title but I do have a question. I am a straight male who was proposition by a gay male. He wanted to give me oral. This was when we were alone on the patio at a party hosted by a mutual friend. So I don't know this gay person. We'd been drinking and talking for about an hour when he made his move. I was pretty sure that he was gay after the first ten minutes of our conversation but kept talking to him anyway. I think he knew that I knew so he felt comfortable suggesting something sexual. I turned him down, and we both laughed the whole thing off as we returned to the lively party. Now here's the thing: I got a hard-on thinking about it, and a half hour later was looking around the crowd for my new gay friend. Could not find him, and was eventually told that he had left with another man. So, close but no cigar. I didn't do the gay thing but would have if I had found that gay person. I did not follow up this feeling by having some kind of gay sex. And I have since had no desire to do so. But do you think I have some latent gayness in me? And is it really normal for a hetero to have gay feelings inside him, waiting to be lured out of hiding? I've been living with the same woman for ten years and she still floats my boat. So why the fuck should a gay man get me to me like that? Anybody else relate to this shit? Seriously.
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You shouldnt be worried by the gay feelings, you should be concerned by the fact that you were willing to cheat on a woman that youve been with for 10 years. Get your priorities straight.
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Dont worry your not gay.......... your just a queer
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If you have to ask you're probably not.
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You are not Gay you are BI Curious. And horny. Don't ever think about cheating again!! IT's a really good thing that guy left!!
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I am straight, but I have had a guy suck me and I sucked a guy once. It was interesting and under the right circumstances I might do it again. Maybe that makes me bi or bi curious, but I identify as straight.
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My husband is a famous lawyer that is gay. He would probably like to slide it into your butt. It would help you to discover your feelings.
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Oh for crying out loud. Are you really asking this question? "But do you think I have some latent gayness in me?" Being gay is not a disease, honey, really, it isn't.
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