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Random crying
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I cry randomly. When people ask me what's wrong I say "nothing", but they don't believe me.
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Comments (11)
BAHAHAHHA At the comment above me.
I'm a girl.
And I do that sometimes as well.
Sometimes I have no idea why the hell I'm crying.
And something very small or stupid can make me cry.
It's weird, I know.
But I know exactly how you feel and what you're talking about.
And yeah, I agree. You might want to get a pregnancy test if that's an option.
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Being pregnant most likely has nothing to do with this situation. People cry for many reasons, but the cause of it often stems from an excess of estrogen. It's good to cry and get that out of your system. If possible I would try to keep the tears as private as possible. Unless you are actually depressed then I wouldn't have people witnessing these events. I think you need to ask yourself what is causing your tears. There is probably something behind them even if it is deeply rooted. After that realize that crying is not bad. A good cry can often feel great and relieving, but unless you think your friends can help you keep it to yourself.
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You seem depressed. You might wanna talk to your doctor and see what he recomends.
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Im 15 and I am a guy. Im 5ft 6 in 115 lbs wear contacts and Havnt had a GF since summer of 2006.

I cry for no reason other than im around people, i just break down and cry
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sigh lucky i'm not girl...
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omg dat happened to mii 2 days in a row..idk i cried for no damn reason i was wit ma b/f nd i started crying..maybe it is tru..mabe we need to take a pregnancy test.. shyt
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Are you pregnant? If you are thinking "well, I don't know!" then get a test...
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no idea.
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if your cute its ok if your fat then thats probably why
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If your a girl thats ok. If your a guy slap yourself in the head
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