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Really weird jacking off technique
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So when I was a kid, i used lie on my stomach and press my hand to my penis and like sort of push it against my body. I kept doing this for some reason and eventually when i learned of sex and got to puberty, i did this for a while to masturbate. It's really weird, and i know its not normal; i could make myself ejaculate by just doing this and thinking off sexual things. Weird shit huh?
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Not weird. Actually I did lots of similar things around puberty. My parents had this liquid heating pad that you put in hot water. I would lube it up, wrap it around my penis, and hold it tight to the bathroom counter and hump and thrust my penis just like sex, and oh! What a great ending.....
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i used to rub on my stomach face down with my hands under me too then i discovered rubbing on matches made me cum
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There is no wrong way when it comes to rubbing one out. Do what feels good.
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Oh shit! My cousin had a leather autumn at her house and if u put your weenis in it just right, it felt
Like a leather autumn u could put your weenis in! When I discovered pussy, me and the autumn broke up:-( Ahhh! I used to fuck the shit outta that chair!
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I shag my blancket
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