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Rubbing Alcohol on Face, normal?
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After I wash my face, I use rubbing alcohol to really get it clean. Its basically that same as the oxy pads things, but I just use rubbing alcohol. I want perfect skin. Is this normal?
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Zombiepinup: have you ever taken a chem course I mean really?! Denatured isopropyl alcohol is the ingredient it actually tells those of us with half a brain the full chemical chain just by the name. Also, for the record it is not additives that make rubbing alcohol taste bad or be poisonous but rather the fact that it is a completely different type of alcohol. All the word alcohol means is that the chemical contains a -OH functional group not that it is drinkable, most are not! As to the question I am a nurse. It may dry your skin so moisturize after but it will not hurt you and will help prevent pimples by killing bacteria as long as you do keep your skin moist so as not to damage it.
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I am a cosmetologist, and I specialized in skincare while at school.
Rubbing alcohol is completely different from the alcohols found in skincare products. Rubbing alcohol is a volatile alcohol and dries out your skin, making it difficult for your skin to heal from blemishes and to regulate it's production of oil. The alcohols found in skincare products are more soothing and do not rob skin of it's natural moisture. You must remember that there are many many types of alcohol, and each one has it's own use. Rubbing alcohol is primarily for cleaning surfaces, like your tweezers or your kitchen sink, not your pores.

Also, rubbing alcohol has other chemicals in it to make it unattractive as a drink necause people falsely believe that it is the same type of alcohol found in alcoholic drinks. Do you know what those chemicals are? It's usually not listed on the label - "denatured isopropyl alcohol" simply means "we added chemicals to make this taste yucky!"

Oxy pads and other skincare products contain acne fighting ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. THOSE are the real acne fighters, NOT the alcohol.
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Using alcohol to clean your face and fight pimples works great. It works even better on black heads. I had a ton of black heads on my nose cheeks and forehead and with 2 days of rubbing alcohol they are almost gone. I had so many it would have been impossible to count them. Dont over do this or you will get red and irritated fast.
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Alcohol wont give you perfect skin, it will just dry it out.
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if you use beer is better ,beer contains antioxydants ,it will make u look younger
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thats fucked.
you want perfect skin, dont use alcohol!
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beer? Thats not true is it?
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^ the acid she describes is found in most acne face washes and actually causes more drying and break outs in the majority of users. Alcohol, the kind you use, can dry you out but won't do as much damage as the products with acid. Rubbing alcohol is actually intended for...wait for it.... Rubbing! It should even tell you in the directions that it can be used as an aid for sore muscles. Keep using it unless you notice your skin getting dry. If that happens either try using it every other day or pairing it with a good moisturizer!
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ive heard that you can actually absorb alcohol fastest through the skin... dont OD on face washing lool.
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ohmy! I do that too! I like to put it on my pimples and it feels like they are burning off!
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I have to admit, I used to wipe alcohol on my face before I showered and it kept my skin tight. I did read that alcohol was an egyptian secret to preventing wrinkles. Now I have discovered something so great and its all natural and has so many benefits to it that I cant live without it and its called Diotamaceous Earth 100 percent Food Grade. It has to be Food Grade and you can buy it online. Its ground up fossils from the ocean which is loaded with Silica. Our bodies have to have Silica, we cannot live without it. One of the ways you can use it is to make a paste with it and put it on your face and let it dry and then rinse off. Your face will feel and look great everytime guaranteed! You can look it up and read about what all it does. I hope you guys do, I love it.
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alchohol makes ur skin fall off.. i think
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