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Scared I'm going to get shot?
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These white people been shooting their guns for the last 10 hours.
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How do you know that they are white?
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Given the way this country has been going lately, yeah, it's pretty normal to be scared you're going to get caught up in a mass shooting in a public place by an angry white guy.
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It's even worse if you have to go into a major inner city. The blacks commit violent crimes as if it is their job on a daily basis. Then they blame racism as if that's a reason for them to go out and commit violent felonies. The blacks riot and destroy their own communities for no other reason then it's an opportunity to get free stuff. Stay out of the inner cities.
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Hopefully you catch one ;-)
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if you're in the south that's normal, I live out in the country and hear it on a regular basis.
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