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Scared of going out iin?
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So it took me ages to actually go out clubbing. I'm an anxious shy girl with little friends so when my cousin asked me out round town I said yes had a great time and felt someone normal and accepted. I've done it a few times since then. Can't say it's my thing but after a few times of doing it all the other girls stay out late and mix drinks and just drink anything. I only really like cider and larger and I usually drink shandies and go home earlier cause of my work commitments but what must they think? That I'm no fun?
I think I overthink it but I don't really like much drink. Bitter shandy is nice but it's boring isn't it? I feel it is. I get drunk etc. Tomorrow though I've been invited out and because I don't do much to socialise I go just so my parents don't worry so much but I have work all day the next day so I was planning on not drinking much and leaving earlier like not getting fully drunk. Cause usually I can get up for work and sleep the next afternoon but not on Thursday. They all smoke as well and talk about sex and that I've never had a boyfriend so
I'm all shy and never know what to say.
It's awkward I just wish I fitted in.
I'm so worried about going with them tomorrow.
What should I do? Any tips?
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not for nothin but aint there anythin better to do than go out to some overpriced crowded noisyass dump like a nightclub?

ive had far more fun sittin round smokin drankin and shootin the shit then dealin with that fuckin mess
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How bout you just don't go? You're too peer pressured and a try hard to fit in. Just do whatever the heck you want for your sake - not your image's sake.
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Go out with them and be the "slut" of the party...they won`t invite you again!Problem solved...
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Be true to thyself. You sound too good to be true, all the best in your future endeavours.
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