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Scared To Go To College?
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So I would like to attend a community college next year for graphic design. I'll still be living at home since its only a community college but between school, work and doing work for school I feel like I wont have time for anything and I get very home sick and depressed when I don't be around family a lot. The problem is that I'm not very good at graphic design, I've taken the only 2 courses for it in my high school and I'm pretty mediocre and I really want to get better, but I feel since I have very weak drawing skills and more just being able to use a computer well will hold me back. But it truly is the only thing I enjoy and would like as a career. I'm just nervous I'll be way behind everyone else and wont be able to do the work. The course also includes an internship the 2nd semester in the second year which again is something I'd be very nervous about because what if I realize I dont like the actual job once I try it out and just waisted money and time. I'm also a shy person so putting my self out there to work as an intern and being forced to be there would make me feel uncomfortable. Is this normal for kids going to college?
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Trust me those kinda classes are full of delusional "artists" who think arts degrees are worth a shit so you don't be alone
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Very normal to be anxious, but you will get used to the course load and you will improve. It'll take weeks of suffering a lot. You'll end up feeling better about yourself and your skills.
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Do something you are good at and something useful for society. Maybe an architect?
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So nervous you pooped a block of text.
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