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School Girl Pics
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I wonder how ,many (honest) guys are willing to admit to liking to look at school girls in their uniforms. Even those on the sports field in their sport shoes and short dresses. I love the sight of their lovely clean feet when they remove their shoes and socks and I am also keen on takeing mobile pics of them without them knowing. I have a gr8 collection of these "sniper" shots and often drool over them and sometimes wank while looking at them.
Be honest guys,,,you ALL like them.
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Comments (9)
It's normal for you to grab them skirts.
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And look underneath too..???
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all boys has been a school boy some time. which of us didnt like them?
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im actually disgusted and terrified at the amount of pervy/paedophilic type posts on this site.
its creepy and WRONG.
dont give me the excuse: Oh i'd never do anything, or oh, it doesnt hurt anybody.
it's morally wrong! u are morally immature if the only reason u don't do anything, is because ur scared of getting caught.
Please think about what ur doing. if u keep feeding this 'fetish', then u will keep telling yourself that its 'ok' to like little girls. Its illegal, and i believe, evil.
What if someday, you go further, and please ur own little obsession. ur ruining the lives of YOURSELF (the guilt & the lifetime in jail) the life of the child, and their families.
Just dont. Curb this fetish before it goes seriously wrong and ruins everything.
Just get a frickin girlfriend.
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I think I just discovered a new hobby. Gotta get me a camera.
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I purposely drive past the school on my way to work, its great watching the girls in uniform.
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So do I. I enjy seeing them in their short school skirts. So near but out of reach thank heavens. Also playing sport in their short white bobby socksand seeing their pantis when their skirts blow up.
Enjoy but DO NOT TOUCH.
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i say touch if you can get away with it. schoolgirls are hot and they know it and they know what they do to us guys who are watching them, that's why they do it.
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I'm 26 and i like looking at young girls in a school uniform.
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