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Sci-fi fantasies.
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I'm really into sci-fi like Star Trek and Star Wars. At night I sometimes fantasise that I crash land my ship on a distant planet and meet a beautiful humanoid woman. She would look relatively human but actually is an alien. She would be beautiful with a hot body; like Larell or Talura from Star Trek Deep Space 9. Sometimes my fantasy will still be set in the future but it will actually involve me cloning a beautiful woman and programming her to love me completely. I feel like thse conditions would be the only time a beautiful woman would ever love someone like me. Is this normal?
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Comments (3)
Sounds crazy to other people, but I would be content with living the rest of my life with an AI.
It just has to look very close to a living person.
Since I feel like I have a huge chance of not meeting a nice person who will understand me. And most are already taken.
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Thanks for understanding. I feel like a woman in these conditions wouldn't judge you by our society. A beautiful AI would be cool too. And would judge you only on the man you really are.
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Yep I bet it would solve alot of depression too. Or at least the amount of depressive episodes someone would receive. I know playing games greatly decreases the amount of depressive episodes I get.
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