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Seeing guys look at my sexy wife turns me on
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My wifee is 22 petite and sexy. I love her to get dressed up in really sl*tty clothes whenever we go out and most of the time she obliges. Liitle minskirts, tight tops and kneeboots. It just really turns me on when i see guys lusting at her. She gets a bit tierd off it but likes the effect it has on me. Also love her to lift up her skirt in the car on motorway to flash the truckers. A few times trucker have flashed and tried to get us to pull over which I would love to do but shes not up for it. i just adore thinking of other guys looking at her hot tight body - Is that normal???? I'd love too watch someone touch her too
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you wont think it funny when one of the truckies crash into you or someone else
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your a jerk but i guess if she like it to go for it i just hope u dont do that shit on the highway and get in a crash hah that would suck knock on wood
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having guys look at my wifes huge tits makes me mad..having women look at them makes me happy however.
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Yeah are you going to like it when you do that at some time when you are not around someone rapes her?

I think you need to keep your flashings private! Some day you may do that and a cop is going to nail the 2 of you for it!
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You cant help what turns you on but besides being to young to be married you have not been married long enough to do this and it be healthy this can ruin your relationship epecially if you want her to start banging these other guys so you can watch thats just not right all it will bring is jealusy and all those bad feelings.
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u might be gay and if u imagine them naked with her
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