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Semen smells like chlorine
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My cum smells like chlorine. Is this the same with all guys, or is it only me?
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normal.its common.
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Semen is Alkaline in nature because the Vagina and Uterus is Acidic. This is a mechanisim to protect the sperm in its journey to the egg.

I have found that sperm and pussy smells and taste different depending on what people are eating or smoke.

I had an asian girlfriend and she ate lots of garlicly and spicy food. Her pussy was very strong and almost bitter. But I had a blonde white gf who ate lots of sweet american type food. Her pussy was sweet and tasty.

I have sucked guys off too and smokers have bitter tasting cum while non smokers have a better tasting cum.

You are what you eat
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Yeah I think it's normal even though I've only been with one man and his cum tasted and smelled like clorox but idc.I love him so i delt with it :]
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why the hell are you sniffing your cum in the first place??
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stop drinking so much pool whater.

Peace jah bless
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um, ew?
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