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Serial killer love?
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Ok so this is strange but i kinda love serial killers. keep in mind in no way do i want to be one but they just intrest me. i'm kinda attracted to them. i can probably name about 200 serial killers and explain the details of there crimes. is that normal?
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Comments (24)
I completely agree with you.
Except they aren't usually attractive...
well, except for Ted Bundy.

Anyways, it's their mind I'm obsessed with. I want to know how they got so pyschotic. I want to know exactly why they kill. I want to know what made them that way, whether it was a bad childhood or what.

And to be honest, I have a lot of sympathy for some of them. An example would be Ed Gein. His mother basically made him a killer.
& As for killers who kill because they're absolutely insane... I feel bad for them, too.
It's like they kill because they've lost their preception of reality. Do you know how scary that must be, to loose your reality?
I don't know. Insanity scares me, and I'm always empathetic toward people like that.
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i agree to..

im soo obsessed wit serial killers and death..

i plan to funeral home so i can be around death all the time..

i even have a friend that was only 14 when she went to prison for murder 1..

its was the 1st murder we had around her in a LONG time..
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It's not that it's love, it's an obsession, and my remidy is to start reading more books, they seem to help me understand other people better, and get a sence of empathy for all.
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I love them too.
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@: Anaid
we got something in commemt....delia
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You probably can name over 200 serial killers, and explain the details of their crimes, but have you ever SEEN the raw details of their crimes, and the aftermath of what they leave behind? I've spent years doing it, tracking down monsters with no regard for human life, and seeing to it they got their just "rewards" in the end, in form of a death sentence.

You're fascination with these monsters is not an unusual one. There are many naive individuals like yourself that find themselves oddly attracted, and romanticizing about these so-called "mysterious bad boys" who thumb their nose at social order, and live by their own rules. Destroying anyone who gets in their way. Only problem is the image is just that.. a naive fantasy..

Your problem is you only know what you read in books. You are only afforded the sanitized details that have come forward in press releases, general statements, and case overviews. You have not attempted to exercise any privilege to look into actual case files that reveal the true face of these monsters through transcripts, profiles, confessions, crime scene videos/photos and images of what remain of the victims. If you did, it would turn your stomach.

It's a lot like war. It's always glorious to read and dream about it. But all illusions of glory and grandeur are soon shattered once you are sent to the front line.
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Your note totally got my attention. I wondered that about myself for a while. I was reading all the Ann Rule books (true crime) and I got so addicted I wondered if I was sick or something! So, I wrote a letter to the famous author....asking her that very question. She wrote back! She does this for a living (investigates serial killers) and she had the best answer. She said that usually people who want to know more about this, are empethetic, sensative types who are trying hard to understand how someone would turn out so messed up. I'm not wording it exactly right, but she said, these people (us) would make good lawyers, therapists to help the victims. I thought it was very intersting. I'm not nearly as obsessed as you sound but am always fascinated. Obviously many are, or there would not be such popular shows as DEXTER, CSI, and Silence of the Lambs. I mean, look how popular that stuff is! So, if you want to take it to the next level, why not turn it into a career and actually do some thing with your passion. Best wishes. - jonalisa
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Amazing answer. I couldn't agree more.
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It's fine. Embrace your interests. Serial killers are really interesting. I've got an obsession about them too.
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i wouldn't call it normal but there is a name for it.
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In a way, it's not normal that you can name them like that. But your interest in them is normal, to some extent. Theres a reason we like shows like CSI and Criminal Minds... what that reason is... i hope the above commenters answered that, because i dont know
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lol im a fan of dexter. but seriously i dont think you got a problem its morre of an interest thats kinda..... off. i mean like the garbage men, why the hell would someone want to work with trash all day. its just an interest. kinda like how surgeans like to cut people open they see it in a scientific manner or how tattooists tattoo people they see it as an art or even astronauts and there fascination with space. see my point.

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Okay this is pretty weird, But as long and you don't go near the serial killers I see no harm coming from it.
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its kinda wierd, i kind of see maybe why you are so interted they are wierd and smart, most of the time, i do love one serial killer, DEXTER jaajajaj
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Nothing wrong with a creepy love for killers.
You may just be sadistic, say, you like rough love?
Blood? The sly-ness of them?
Does wonders to the mind, shuttering over the thought of a murder loving you..?

Sadism; Sadism is pleasure in the infliction of pain or humiliation upon another person, while masochism refers to gratification from receiving the same.[1] These practices are often related and are collectively known as sadomasochism as well as S&M or SM. These terms may be used clinically, in psychotherapy, to describe mental illnesses, psychopathology or counterproductive coping mechanisms. Additionally, these terms may describe consensual practices -- often sexual, but not necessarily so -- within the BDSM community.
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I Enjoy Reading Up About Serial Killers Aswell
My Favourite Is Myra Hindley :]
I Really Just Like Trying To Find Out What Made Her Do These Awful Crimes.
I Prefer Reading About Female Serial Killers
Myra Hindley
Rose West
Brenda ' i hate mondays' Spencer

But Myra And Ian Brady Are My Favourites, i Do Not Condone What Brady Did i Just Want To Know Why Myra Did It, She Was A Nice Person Before She Met Brady.

Love Cupcake xxx
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serial killers are scary but interesting and they are also really evil i mean what they do is pure evil but they always look so normal so your just pick them out of the crowd and thats scary
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Lots of people are interested in serial killers. If they weren't, there wouldn't be thousands of books and hundreds of TV shows about them. You're normal!
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You might like me then. Jk
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You wont be so attracted to them when they rape and brutally kill you......
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Yes I must admit I have always had a bit of a crush on Ted Bundy, but certainly wouldn't have wanted to be one of his victims...
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No I dont think this obession with serial killers is normal. Maybe having obsessed over a few, but to be able to name 200 of them and in detail explain theyre crimes...

This isnt normal.
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dont take this the wrong wat but... thats not need to see a shrink ... this could end in you wanting to be like them to get noticed and you could become one of them... get help BERFORE its to late.
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Serial killers are Badass. I wish my bf would murder a few people ;)
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