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Sex, blood & magic ummmm
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I'm a girl of 21.
Is it wrong/normal to be sexually aroused by the sight, smell and tast of blood be it my own or a consenting sexual partner....its makeing me hot just thinking about it. I like to cut myself/my partner with a razor and smear the blood, lick it and suck it off our bodies while haveing sexual intercourse (im not a self harmer the cutting is purely for the intent of the blood for sex and not a masochistic copeing mechanism)this makes me manic during sex and orgasm very strongly is this a vampire fetish? do i have renfield syndrome or is this something that is relatively normal. just curious, Is It Normal.....
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Comments (19)
Hi Asskicker
Wow i'm sorry whats a mall goth, you see i live in adult world so im unfamiliar with your adolecent termonology.
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god my def on it is funny as hell
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your profile pic is as mall goth as it get go to a F*cking mall to see one your this link goth

BTW i am 22 and i know what a mall goth is
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Normal or not, I'd really like to try it too :)
Just a bit affraid of the reaction of a partner, though...
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you get help W*NKER, your the one who wants to fuck his guy friend just because you cant keep from masterbateing, i think thats more wierder don't you....pot calling the kettle black i think don't you.idiot

good to know thank you, and that video was funny as hell ^_^ ***stiches in my side***

You should try it its sublim, there's also something called 'blood play' which you should look up on the internet..its kinda the same thing only a little diverse, for instance some people who partake in blood play dont have sex but its still seen as a very intimate experience with your partner just as intimate as sex , there is lots of info about how to do it safely and cleanly and don't worry about the reaction of partners people are genrally open minded believe me, most people dont like sex with the lights out, shirts on and eye's closed.
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TwilightNewmoons your names perrty mall goth
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BTW i am 22 and i know what a mall goth is..
good for you mate!! i'm so proud of you that your hip with teenage termonology and that your down with teenagers stupid scenes and sub genres but for us in the reall adult world we don't take notice of things like 'where the goth kids are hanging out'
I like my picture thankyou its cute dont you think ^_^ its beter then yours anywho at lest i dont look druged up.
Oh and my name you fool is taken from a book i have just finished..

P.s kids arent aloud to hang out in shopping centres (malls) over here (U.K) or they get chased out by policemen with big sticks. we have no mall goths over here.
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i not "DOWN" with teenage terminology not termonology

is very clear to me what a mall goth is and how you act your identical

i am apart of the adult world i am a College student working full time

a mall goth does not have to hang around a mall to be a mall goth is thier hungr for being noticed

click Reply to save you some time (mall goths are allways trying to be different :)
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Pay him no heed. With a face like that he won't live long. He looks like he has HIV and AIDS in one. WHAT a freakie twat to express any oppinions about anyone elses looks!
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@: nearly
nearly saying i have aids dosn't chang the fact that you have them
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i like the idea of drinking period blood from hot girls, or any blood at all from hot girls
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I have drank blood and love it ;)
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I have never seen anything like this before. But blood freaks me out tho.
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Renfield syndrome
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Twilightnewmoon is so adult yet makes so many spelling errors
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normal or not it sounds hot.
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WOW i was here thinking people grow out of being a mall goth at 14 to 16 but your 21
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