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Sex in Runny Nylons
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My boyfriend picked me up after work for a picnic, we were in a secluded area, in the local park, on a blanket eating our food. I was wearing black nylon pantyhose and saw a snag in my nylons, I pulled at my nylons and shot a run down my leg. I showed my boyfriend my laddered nylon and then shot another run down the other leg so they would match. His eyes looked like they were dilating and he said "Wow Sexy", from the way he was staring at my legs, I could tell he was getting super turned on. I pulled on my nylons and with my finger nails kept shooting runs down my legs and my boyfriend was feeling up my runs. He looked like he was erotically hypnotized by me running my nylons.

I kept shooting runs and he started to feel up and lick my legs. He got so hot that he ripped a big hole in them and we made love right in the park, it was SUPER Hot. He told me that he had a nylon fetish and loved the feel and look of me running my nylons!

I love to accommodate his fetishes, cause it improves our love life. I have been putting on black nylon pantyhose over my white pantyhose, so my runs even show up more. Then I take off my dress and give him a show, running my nylons, and prancing around him, this gets him so hot. He loves me to wear my black runny nylons and white high heels to bed when we have sex.

He buys me bags full of nylons, tights, stockings, leggings and garter belts for our sex life. All this Nylon Fetish Sex is fantastic for our love life and great exercise for me, but it seems perverted that he is so obsessed over me running my nylons.
Is his Nylon Run Fetish Normal?
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Make him wear the nylons and you'll be even more normal you sexed up freak.
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hey its great that you are willing to do that for him have fun
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ok, im going to break the pattern and post an ACTUAL comment. It seems to me that, yes it may be a bit perverted and if its really bothering you then have a talk with him about it. See if u can sort out this mess. Good luck!
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yes many guys have a nylon fetish, and often times keep it to them selves.
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