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Sex with aunt
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I am 18 and and not blood related to my aunt she is 41 and is drop dead gorgeous. Should I ask her to let me eat her out?
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Comments (12)
sure, it'll be fine if she's like, a sl**t. Or if she isn't she'll just give a slap across ur face.
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dude i hear ya...i wanna fuck my aunt sooo bad too...shes so fucking bangin but it feels wrong ya kno cuz shes a relative....but if i ever got the chance man wld i rail her so hard!
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I once was drunk and so was my aunt so she came on to me and I was ready for it so I the way she came on me was so easy she just started dancing with me and grinding her fat arse on my cock then she started squeezing my balls and then she dragged me into a room and then chucked me on the bed and ddived on me by that time my cock was rock hard and all I wanted is to lick her out so I told her sit on my face!so she did and she loves every second of it she wanted to fuck me but I denied her and I said she can suck it if she wants so she sucked away swallowed all my cum aswel dirty slag!
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When I was 18 I had a blood cousin 31. She taught me everything about sex. It was not dirty sex or anything like that. It was actually very beautiful. It was one of the best experiences I ever had. I would say go for it but she may still slap your face
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I say you don't ask, you just attack her when she's in the shower.
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Id say stick it to her but your just some 15 year old kid on here wishing you had a chance with her.
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Well I don't think that would be a good idea. I mean aunt is an aunt regardless of weather it is blood related or not.
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@: draven
ask her !!! and enjoy
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thats just sick.. get a life
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i want a footjob from my aunt
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