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Sex with my aunt
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Hey people i am 18 and i wanna have sex with my aunt she is 35 and shes really very sexy.she is also suffering from schizoprenia.and i think if i ask her she wont refuse.shes also a divorcee and lives with my how should i tell her that i wanna have sex with her.pls giv me some advice ppl.i also see her naked in the bathroom while shes bathing from a peek hole.pls help
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Comments (14)
U shoud just pop a boner wen she in the bath tub walk in n say hi Auntie like the size of my dick.....I always c my aunt naked n I always pop a hard boner especially wen she in the shower she leaves the door open I like watching her
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The schizo part is a little daunting. You'll probably end up having her tell everybody about it. As to what happens then ... god help you, because it won't be good.

It's a nice idea, but ultimately, if you want to have sex with someone, your schizophrenic aunt that lives with you is probably one of your worst choices. I mean, if she's schiz, she'll probably end up going psycho on you. Bad bad bad.
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I feel your pain I have a blood aunt who ass the nicest ass and toys...when I spend the night at her house she sleeps in her underwear and a t-shirt I sleep on the couch inher living room she always comes out in just that in the morning and I always try looking up it...I beat to her dirt underwear and bra....I'm at her house now so horny and I just wanted to fuck her so hard...I never seen her naked but I have seen my sexy ass grandma naked...her little ass and saggy tits...she was inthe bathroomand the door was open enough I could see her in the mirror and she bent over and the towel dropped I went in her room and beat off in her bathroom and I sat in there waiting for her to come in and when I heard her come in I walked around the corner and she dropped the towel and out popped those beatiful 36 c tits I went in the other bathroom where her dirt underwear was licked where her pussy was and put them on then beat it again...and I wish I could see my other grandma naked she's a little plump but have 38 d and ass a big round ass I would love to ride
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hey mate youre 18 and anywoman who is attractive, blood or not,gets you barring up.
youre in for the best time of youre life sexually,but realize your boundries.
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Just go for it
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That's bad juju, hoss (if this is a real post and not a fantasy). You don't want to go down that road. First of all, it's illegal as hell (a felony), and you could end up as a registered sex offender, and really eff up your life. Secondly, she's schizophrenic? That is hard to deal with in families with a schizophrenic family member. Are you equipped to do that? I was involved with someone who suffered from chronic depression; it took alot out of me and I finally worked up the huevos to leave her. Man, it took me months to figure out what "normal" was again. I don't think you want to try that. Finally, she's probably very vulnerable and lonely. She probably would say yes, only to feel better about herself. She probably would like more than just getting off. Sounds like you want to just have a good time; don't think she's the one for you, Champ. Peace out.
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totally normal
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You have schizoprenia
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Dont do it, it will haunt you
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Wierd. I could understand if you wanted to get "raped" by your mom, seriously, I want that... but raping someone? That's messed up. And you are raping her, no consent. Also, I think your post is fake.
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You are a sick little boy.
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Dude its ok I wanted to do that but I had stop hanging around her but when I had gotten my self together I had moved on and now have a son named. Cansice maye dont mess up your life dude ok . Theres alot of girls waiting for si ask yourself if your aunt or mom and dad seen this dont that
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I don't think you should! She could get arrested for child rape! And you... Well you could get her pregnant and who knows what she'd say. I sometimes have that weird feeling with my uncle!
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dude, thats just sick as fuck, i hope yall aint blood related, id be careful tellin her sumthin liek that and i also think u shouls seek professional help for urself, and her if she agrees to do it
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