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Sex with my sisters friend
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Well Saturday after my party i had friday (birthday) my little sister had some friends oever (shes 13&i'm 14) well i was in bed trying to sleep and i felt someone slip into my bed i thought it might have been my brother and he had a nightmare or something but it wasn't then all the sudden my sisters friend (Lizzi) starts cuddleing me and i just act like i'm asleep.and i notice she doesnt have a shirt on so i'm like WTF?o_O then she "woke me up" and told me she had feelings for me and that she had to tell me and i was like O.O okie? and she started to kiss on me and she pulled my Pj pants down and started to suck my d*** and later i busted out a condom and we had sex an now i wonder if she told my sister i havent talked to my sister since because i think Lizzi told my sister i feel bad about haveing sex with my sisters best friend and now i don't know what to do about it.

if you could help me with ym problem that would be great
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Comments (12)
lmao its funny that u put this on here cuz i dunt think anyone believes this bullshit story. lmao ur so full of it
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So, what is the issue here?
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whered u get a condom at ur age???
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he possibly snuck one from his dad
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If it is true, then it is an older brother's dream. Keep it going man. And why would you feel bad? You should feel like a king. Your questioning this event makes me think you are full of shit...but if you are not, congrats; you have achieved what many of us only dreamed of in our adolescence.
And, to a lesser extent, perhaps, beyond.
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Summary: Waaaa! I got laid.
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just be cool about the whole situation..your sister cant be mad at you b/c her friend came on to you.
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just act cool as if nothing happened, but honestly i believe you are too young to be fucking... take care
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she was the first of your sisters friends she fucked she wont be the last dont worry about it your sister probably knew anyway
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Are you sure it was Lizzi and not your sister that climbed in your bed ?
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WOW thats hot no really thats just hot, dont feal bad just your first tast of pussy! YYEEEEAAAAAHHHH
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that's superb ! you and you sis can just show each other too - just showing !!!! she'll be your best friend and let you know what's going on... As for my little sis - amazing tight little cunny..... get yourself to Asia, PLENTY pussy, love you longtime
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