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Sexual feelings towards old ladies.
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It was a cold, frosty morning in downtown Gresham, Oregon. I was walking down the street with my girlfriend. My girlfriend needed to have a look in a clothes shop across the street, so I sat down on the bench. An elderly lady, who must have been about mid-eighties, sat down next to me. I looked at her and felt an erection developing. I tried to ignore it. My girlfriend exited the shop, bags in hand. I tucked away my erection and walked away. I needed to masterbate and did so as soon as I returned back home.
I denied to myself I had any sexual feelings towards elderly women until i saw an attractive old lady in the charity shop. I started to talk to her. She was very nice and eventually took her home, when my girlfriend was away on business. I had an amazing time with the lady, and we had nice, hard sexual intercourse.
Is it normal to have sexual intercourse with a lady in her eighties? Is it normal to masterbate over OAP's? Please sensible comments only as this is a sensitive subject. Thanks.
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well i see some older chicks who i think look pretty good but then I remember that if they undressed everything would be baggy and saggy and wrinkled and gross so I get over it.
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You also need to be jailed
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Is it a crime to bed old women?

Your prose suggests you might be kidding but I'll bite anyway. If you truly are attracted to old women, have your fill. Just try not to break their hips.
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Sex,as one matures, is part of a relationship. We have sex as we grow to like r girl friends. To get hard on sight is a sign of a pre-occupied mind. Maybe your gramma or momma fucked u.
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You deserve to be thrown in the slammer, key flushed down the toilet.
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i dont think ppl can help there feelings or attractions, but u cheated on your g/f that isnt right, if u were single then do what u want and if older ladys are what you like then i see no harm in that but stop cheating on your g/f or let her go its not fair
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Your an ass to your gf she should dump you
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Well , it depends if they r sexy , some of them r very sexy , even i got attracted to them
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You need granny-porn :)
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